Torah. Small format

Torah. Small format

Journey Through the Week's Parsha. Part II. Book

Journey Through the Week's Parsha. Part II. Book "Shmot"

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The author, master of mathematical logic of the Hebrew University (Yerushalayim), who devoted many years of study of the philosophical foundations of the Jewish tradition, it has developed a system of consistent presentation of the spiritual values ​​of the Jewish people. In this edition included the initial part of the system. With it deeply and not without pleasure, thousands of Russian Jews in the CIS, Israel, Germany, USA, Canada, England, France, studying the spiritual heritage of the Jewish people.


Part one. "And it's all about him ..."
Chapter One. Stereotypes that must be broken
Chapter Two. "How Thor do you have?"
Chapter Three. The absoluteness of the Oral Torah
Chapter Four. What gave God on Mount Sinai?
Chapter Five. Sinai revelation - the view from "above"
Chapter Six. Sinai revelation - view from "inside"
Chapter Seven. Sinai revelation - the content
Part two. We seem to have been familiar
Chapter One. Purpose of Creation
Chapter Two. The first three stages of Creation
Chapter Three. Breaking the Deadlock
Chapter Four. More promotions - reason for the large
Chapter Five. This world. Basic definitions
Chapter Six. Our work
Chapter Seven. Our path
Invitation to learning
Riddle Shabat
Hebrew - the language of the reborn?
Happy New Year, Day of Judgment!
We meet sentence
Speaking about the failure (the first man)
Thoughts about the read

Chapter One
Stereotypes BE BEAT,
Dialogue or non-believer with an unbeliever's reader

The publication, which you, dear reader, are holding in their hands, have the experience to answer the question Who am I? According to the author, it does not satisfactorily meet neither science nor modern civilization in general. Attempts to rely on the "spiritual crutches" - all sorts of religions and philosophical and ethical systems - not too convincing for the person living in the XXI century. Therefore, the author sought the answer to the centuries-old experience of Judaism, which appeals to you, the reader, intellect, your life experience, your abilities. Stood the test of time three thousand recipes Books books deserve your sanity check.

Immediately will outline three major problems on our way (so to speak, the thorns of misconceptions and misunderstandings), which can be overcome only true knight of the spirit. By the way, they all fit into a very vast (and a favorite not only of physics) "negotiate terms."

The number one problem (not in the sense of importance) - this is the language of our communication, the same "great and mighty." For in all that relates to spiritual concepts, the Russian language has strong Christian connotations.

As far as the "religious" terms Russian language full of Christian meaning, can be seen in the following example. Tell me, please, that in everyday Russian language is the meaning of faith, the believer. You are not wrong, if given is about the definition of the believer. "A man putting some ideals or principles above all else: higher intelligence, experience and views of the community, and so forth." From this and similar definitions it follows that the doubting Thomas (who wanted to check and make sure) - the character of a sharply negative. After all, from the point of view of Christianity, of the two people who attended a doubt, drive them on a "Get thee hence, Satan!" Spiritually superior to the one who checked and verified.
Let's see, that by faith understands traditional Judaism:
Faith - is a constant sense of physical proximity to the Almighty.

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