Siddur "SHAAREI TEFILLAH". Nusach Sfarad. Small format

Guide To Blessings. Small format

Guide To Blessings. Small format

Siddur "SHAAREI TEFILLAH". Nusach Ashkenaz. Small format

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Nusah "Ashkenaz".

Complete Prayerbook with a new Russian translation and commentary Contains detailed instructions for beginners. Third Edition.

Those who have themselves experienced the exciting and rewarding, but sometimes painful process of returning to one's roots and heritage know first hand how frustrating it is trying to understand the Jewish prayers and how long it takes until a person feels at home in the beautiful, but complicated world of a traditional Siddur. This book presents an attempt to make this process easier for Russian speaking Jews, a vast majority of which are not yet acquainted with this side of Jewish life. Armed with this Siddur they need not feel uncomfortable in any synagogue or a Shabbat table. 

Shaarei Tefillah is a complete Siddur translated into modern Russian. It has clear instructions for the prayers, symbols indicating when to stand and what is only recited with a minyan; the most commonly used prayers and blessings are transliterated. There is commentary throughout the book which offers sources, historical information on the origin of various prayers and insights on their meaning. Prayers that differ in Israel and the Diaspora are so noted.

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