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Secret of the Jewish Feminity

Secret of the Jewish Feminity

A Guide for the Jewish Woman and Girl

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This guide is written primarily for those of Jewish women and girls who want a clearer understanding of which of the Jewish laws , customs and traditions relate to them and how they should perform . There are detailed areas relating specifically to women , or those in nature are of particular interest or concern of women as wives, homemakers and mothers. At the same time, the book can be useful to their own husbands, fathers , teachers, and anyone interested in this important issue.

Of course, it can not claim to universality and depth review of each question . The purpose of this guide is not a theoretical study of Halacha , but to give specific instructions on how to proceed . Therefore, for those who want to see the source or take a deeper study in the book are footnotes in Hebrew.

This book has received the approval of the five leading Torah scholars of our generation , namely, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein , Rabbi Jacob Kamenetsky , Rabbi Shneur Kotler , of blessed memory , Rabbi Binyamin Yehoshua Zilber , Rabbi Moshe Stern , but will last the blessed days of their lives, amen . Rabbi Moshe Stern ( Debretsiner equal to ) belong to the comments in square brackets in the Hebrew text.

Russian translation of the book looked Rabbi Ben Tzion Zilber . He made ​​a number of significant observations , as well as revised chapter on yichud . We are very grateful to him for that .

It should be particularly noted that in the book of the Law as well , as is common in Ashkenazi Jews.

Much has been written recently for the Jewish woman and about her, but this book fills an important gap in the literature of this kind .

To answer those who ask about the place that the Torah devotes to women in the general scheme of the world , there were books and articles , an advocate , and they tried to explain what is obvious to everyone who lives in the Torah Jew : the importance and dignity of the role that targets the Jewish women and that they are so faithfully execute throughout our history .

On the other hand, there were publications on special Dinim addressed to women , first and foremost - the laws Taarat Amishpaha , family purity . Details of these laws , as well as their rationality - to the extent that we can try to comprehend it - occupied many authors .

However, no one had made no attempt to piece together the provisions relating to the overall performance of Mitzvot women. However , anyone familiar with the laws of the Torah knows that - except for the laws of family purity of life, Shabbat candles and Challah offices entrusted to it Jewish woman - women are subject to the discipline of absolute words of the Torah . As for men , their life at every moment is dictated by the Divine command of the Torah , while at the same time, as their role is definitely different from that of men , there are differences in many provisions of the law .

This book is an attempt to bring together all these special provisions . And not only for ease of reference . Introducing the all-encompassing picture of a woman doing its job in the cycle of everyday life , this book is a plan that Avodat Hashem , which should pervade and shape a woman's life , and we can expect that for many it will and leadership and inspiration in the pursuit of high-end .
Rabbi Joseph Elias .


Preface (Rabbi Joseph Elias )
from the Editor
basic principles
Laws concerning everyday matters Shabbat
Preparations for Shabat
Light candles before Shabat .
Kiddush .
Some Melahot Shabat
Various Dinim on Shabbat and Shabbat Moza
Rosh Chodesh .
Yom Tov
Cooking on Yom Tov
Eruv Tavshilin .
Cooking for the second day of Yom Tov.
Laws Sephira ( Counting of the Omer )
"Three Weeks " and Tisha Beav
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
Purim .
Laws department Challah .
Charitable donations . Alahot on Yoledet ( birth to female)
Torah study in women
Honoring Parents
Tsniut - modesty
prohibition yichud
Various laws and customs
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