Jews of Leningrad

Jews of Leningrad

History of the Jewish People

History of the Jewish People

Womanish Ravine

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The introductory chapter

All in this book - the truth.

When I told episodes of this history to different people, all unanimously approved, that. I should write the book.

But I time write it for a long. The first variant, it is possible to tell, it is written, when to me there were 14 years. In a thick self-made writing-book I, in those days the hungry, convulsive boy, has without delay written down everything, that saw, heard and knew about Womanish Ravine.  Had no concept, what for I do it, but it seemed to me, that so it is necessary. To not forget.

This writing-book referred to « Womanish Ravine », and I hid it from extraneous eyes. After war in Soviet Union there was a revelry of anti-Semitism: campaign against so-called "cosmopolitism", arrested Jewish doctors-"poisoners", and the name « Womanish Ravine » became almost forbidden.

Once my writing-book was found during cleaning by my mother, she did read it, cried above it and has advised to store it. She the first has told, that sometime I should write the book.

The more I lived, more I was convinced, that I obliged to make it.

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