Rose about thirteen petals. Judaism in a view of Kabbalah

Rose about thirteen petals. Judaism in a view of Kabbalah

Towers-Twins in Codes of a Torah

Towers-Twins in Codes of a Torah

Absolute Measures of Creation

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In this book the mathematical models which have allowed, with G-d's help are described, to see such concepts coded in a Torah, as "length", "volume", "weight", "speed", "energy", "power" of letters of the Alphabet.

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Table of Contents .

1. from the authors
2 . The absolute time of Creation
3 . From Coulomb's law to Z
4 . The energy of letters, words and verses of the Torah
5 . On the structure of the solar system
6. The letter as absolute amount of information
7. The absolute length of letters and words
8. Absolute weight of letters and words
9. conclusion
10 . bibliography

From the authors .

Having created the material world , God has given to all living beings and, in particular , to the person landmarks time, length , volume, weight, etc. These guidelines for a person associated with his five senses and necessary, for example, in the construction of a bitch , mikvah , at home, the ship ( Noah's Ark ) , in determining the time of the feast, when assessing the visual and audible signals , taste, smell , and other phenomena of the material world .

Guidelines referred to in the Torah , are spiritual in nature , and they are constant or absolute at the time, as their "projections" in our material world are approximate and subject to change, depending in particular on the coordination between people.

This book focuses on the absolute values ​​of the Creation , ie those that depend only on the Torah , the representative of the eternal and unchanging God. Almost all the books of Scripture can be found hints or direct indication that our whole universe is constructed using the 22 -letter Hebrew alphabet , and each letter contains the entire alphabet (see [ 3], p.11 ) . This can be read in the book, the authors ___ and ___ , for example , in [ 11], p.14 . From the above it should be quite obvious conclusion that explicitly , it seems, had not spoken .

Each letter of the alphabet has all the properties of inanimate and animate nature of our material world .

In other words, each letter of the Hebrew alphabet has a " long ", "volume" , "weight" , "time" , "taste" , sound, color, etc. All these qualities are of a spiritual nature , which manifests itself in " a similar mapping " in the material world.

One day, a man said , "Why do you say about the Torah , which measures the distance with his elbows ." We are sincerely sorry for this gentleman , because he does not understand that ___ (elbow ) - a unit of spiritual way in which our material world can be the size of , for example, 46 cm , 48 cm , 51 cm , etc. . (see for example [ 28]). And he centimeter - a measure negotiated among the people , which is changing with the development of measurement techniques .

The basic (core ) value creation is the gematria of the letters of the Holy Tongue (see [ 11] page 148). On its basis, determined by the " time of creation " of each letter of the Hebrew alphabet , the energy and power of the letters and the words of Holy Scripture. We construct an algorithm to determine the lifetime of the animal on his behalf in the holy language . The table of Abraham Avinu ( Hebrew alphabet ) defines the functions by analogy with the physical laws of Newton and Coulomb. With these functions, explores the relationship between letters and words , and confirmed some facts described in the Torah.

In the " Energy of letters, words and verses of the Torah " is considered a Divine Law of Attraction " Zahara " to " Nekeva " special cases are the laws of Newton, Coulomb, Freyda etc. On the basis of this Divine Law explores some of the connections in the solar system .

Words such as length, volume, weight, often found in the Torah. Passages of the Torah with the words resemble mathematical equations . With their help, we calculated the "length ", " volume ", " weight" , "speed" letters of the alphabet , which , we believe, first appeared with Gd's help in this book. Each of the available sections in the book can be considered as the beginning of more research in the field of mathematics , physics , chemistry , biology, and other sciences. Let's hope that with time readers will appreciate our undertakings .


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