Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust

Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust

Jew And Europe

Jew And Europe

Philistimlyans and Palestinians

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The ideological conflict between Israel and Philistimlyans in the past and the present.

Foreword ( from the book "Fire Letters" )

The purpose of this book , "Fire letter " - open to the reader a window into the wonderful world full of beauty and splendor , hidden in the letters and words of Hebrew, the holy tongue. The deep meaning of letters and words is widely discussed in the Kabbalistic literature. This subject is vast as the universe . Each letter points to a separate way in which the influence of the divine creative force reaches the different Sefirot through which the Creator , blessed be He , created His world . These things and the surprising world that they offer may remain an enigma to the average person , ignorant of the Kabbalistic literature and do not have access to them. The sages of Israel in their comments to the Torah for generations have discovered the precious gems of this wonderful treasure . So they have made it possible even with specialist knowledge in Kabbalah understand the existence of this world. I also drew from this repository of knowledge about the different meaning of the Hebrew letters and words. Sources are everywhere in this book , in cases where there is no specific reference , it is mainly on the observations of our great scientists, I have read at different times.

The idea of writing this book came to me with the knowledge of high value observations scattered over the works of medieval and later commentators ( Rishonim and Aharon ) , offering a little bit until last flash of insight , to look into the hidden world of the sacred language . The material presented here , contains the fundamental ethical concepts of our holy Torah. The book is written in simple language that can be evaluated by each reader, even if the topic - the highest order.

I want to express my gratitude and praise the Almighty , who has given me the ability to extract these precious gems from the sea of Torah . May it be His will to be brilliant , radiant power drew closer to the heart of our holy Torah.
Matityahu Glazerson


Recently, in the religious camp is enhanced awareness of the fact that the root of evil, manifested in the numerous and ever-increasing break through the walls of Israel's religious , laid in the absence of religious propaganda , which leads to the most negative consequences , both in Israel and around the world. The reason for the lack of such propaganda is the lack of comprehension and understanding of the processes taking place in Israel during its long history, from the dawn of time, revealed in the book of the Torah and the Prophets.

Way of knowing the ways of Divine Providence in what is happening is to study the Tanakh, the ways of the Almighty in the government of the world , which are explained in detail by our sages in D'rash ( interpretation ) and sodas ( kabbalistic sense.) These interpretations for generations have been the mainstay for our great teachers on the basis thereof shall rule on the behavior of the people of Israel against the people of the world .

Advocacy these days is very difficult because of the pride of owning anyone who is not ready to give up their intelligence and opinion for the sake of the point of view expressed in the Torah , despite the fact that clearly shows how developments in areas far from normal human logic and often - even contradict it , as if what is happening is directed by supernatural forces .

The difficulty lies in the religious propaganda large gap between the believer and the unbeliever , that the system of values ​​of one and the other - are diametrically opposed. In the words of the Chazon Ish \ \ that for a religious Jew like death ( n ~ w - coaches ) and destruction , for the unbeliever - the question of love. In addition, items that believing Jew sees danger and threat to the security of Israel , look in the eyes of the unbeliever as reinforcing security and defense capability of the country.

In order to demonstrate the ways of Divine Providence in the ongoing ( covering the events of the day ) we follow the Philistines , the people who accompanied the history of Israel from the time of Abraham , and who continue to do so , according to Hazal ( our sages ) until the advent of the Messiah .


Foreword ( from the book "Fire Letters" )
The special position of Hebrew, the holy tongue
Directions to the gematria
Letter of the Hebrew alphabet - the key to understanding the Torah
Importance of being aware of ways
Divine Providence today
The similarity of the Palestinians in Israel today
with the ratio of the Philistines to Israel in the past
The Palestinians and their relationship to Canaan
The forces of impurity and lust - the essence of the Philistines - Arafat
The Philistines and the coastal lowland
Angel of Evil
Gaza - kid - audacity - the power of the Philistines
Goliath - a symbol of boldness Philistines
Egypt and the Philistines
Lebanese Us
Gog , Magog and the Philistines
The path to victory
Brit Milah and Eretz Yisrael
Arrogance , lust - and the expulsion of
Song of the court: the lesson of the war
The strength of sewage - against the sanctity
Philistines , and Amalek
Saddam Hussein and Amalek
Iraq = PLO
Amalek - the dog
The strength of our enemies
In unity - our strength
Desecration of the Sabbath - aiding the enemy
Illogic of Jewish history
The reason for anti-Semitism
Grief - to repentance
Immorality - aiding the enemy
The Torah of Israel - against hatred Arabia , Syria , Russia , Egypt and the PLO
Gloom and contempt
Isaac and the Philistines
The strength of the Oral Torah
Four Species
Heart and mouth
celestial Court
lord of the Flies
The prayer of King David
The path to winning
Jerusalem and Hebron : the heart and mind
seven pastors
The pace of the Messiah
Final Disposal Peace on earth and peace in Israel


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