The Code of Jewish Family Purity

The Code of Jewish Family Purity

Kabbalah About Happy Marriage

Kabbalah About Happy Marriage

Haey Tahara

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Laws of cleanliness in family relations

On lessons by rabbi Itshak Ajzik Kahan


I was approached by a Jew , featuring a deep knowledge of the Torah and the fear of God , Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Gvirtsman , one of the special people of the holy city of Jerusalem , and showed me a digest of the laws of the purity of family relations, which he made on the basis of cassette recordings of my lessons. The collection is written in simple language understandable to women and all those who have not studied these laws deep.

I looked through all the brochure and saw that it was written as it should, the author did not add anything and did not miss the fact that it was said in the classroom.

At the moment, the rabbi Gvirtsman is in Pinsk in Belarus to train expensive Jews and bring them to the Torah and the commandments , and he decided to translate the brochure into Russian. I 'm sure he will do a good job.

May the Almighty will help him learn and teach Torah, as well as augment the merits of others. May He give him good health and a clear understanding of his honors and blessed to see the fruits of his labor.

Wrote and signed here in the holy city of Jerusalem, Yitzhak Isaac Kahana


Compliance with the laws of family purity relationship is the cornerstone of a solid foundation and preservation of the Jews as a people for many generations. Way of life in accordance with these laws remained Jewish women at all times , exactly , with the enthusiasm and the desire for holiness. This is one of the most important asset that we have inherited from our ancestors. This is the thread that connects the chain of generations.

This way of life that distinguishes us from other nations , keeps us from the danger of losing the Jewish identity during the long years of exile . In all countries , at all times and under all authorities Jewish women showed incredible strength of mind to keep themselves clean , even in difficult situations , when this required a huge effort , bordering the dedication. Deep unshakable faith gave them the strength and wisdom to maintain the continuity of the tradition of observing the laws of family purity .

These laws include numerous details , and these days when there are no obstacles to the implementation of these laws , a Jewish woman lurks another danger - forgetfulness . A large number of details and differences between the two leaves many without a clear idea of ​​how to implement the law . Some are even deterred an influx of new information and unfamiliar laws. Our sages have foreseen his gift of providence that in our generation , close to the arrival of Mashiach , the expulsion will be expressed in forgetting the Torah and the loss of clear understanding of the law .
And although it was anything more than we are required to do every possible effort to achieve clarity in the law . Especially when it comes to the soul of the people , and the basis of its existence.
It is appropriate to thank our teacher , Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Kapan , who devotes his days and nights learning Torah , and in particular , the laws of family purity . In this he has a wealth of experience and a clear understanding by which he points out the well-trodden path in a sea of doubt to anyone who consults with him . Its many lessons and advice he brought light and clarity in the laws of many families .

This booklet contains the basic laws necessary for compliance with the laws of family purity . It builds on the lessons of the famous Rabbi abstracts , and therefore it is possible to find answers to questions that arise in practice, and it may be helpful to others. We picked out those that occur most frequently.

The brochure is designed so that it was easy to find answers to your questions . Some places are tables that help sum up the given laws or practical conclusions.
Let it please the Creator, that this booklet will bring benefit to many readers : learn the laws , understand , remember and carry them out , making a welcome Him.

Table of Contents


Doubt - is Amalek ! k
The merit of mothers raising children who keep Toru17 What is a "Nida" ? 19
What is the essence of ritual impurity ? 21
The importance of compliance with the laws of purity
family life 23

Women are becoming illegal? 25
Under what circumstances a woman
becomes "Nida" ? 25
Permitted and Prohibited spot 26
Color selections ( mar'ot ) 27
Use of toilet paper 28
A woman can deny himself with words 28

Statutory period of remoteness 30
Varieties of monthly cycles 30
Periods of estrangement for women with
unstable cycle 31
The duration of alienation 32
"She Beynon " - the average cycle 32
" Yom ha- Hhodesh " - the number of the Hebrew month of 34
" Veset haflaga " - Interval 36
The period of estrangement pregnant women 38

Behavior during the period of suspension 42
The ban touch 42
The prohibition of transmission of hands 43
The food at the table 43
The food from the same plate 44
The prohibition to eat up my wife for 44
The prohibition to sleep in the same bed 44
The ban sitting and lying on the bed of his wife 45
The ban sit on the same bench 45
The ban pour a drink 45
The ban apply 45
Prohibition to make the bed 46
Jewelry and cosmetics use 46

HOW woman clears ? 49
Days before the " hefsek mahapa» 50
How to do an internal audit , and how
check the " ed " ? 51
Checking the " hefsek mahapa» 52
Seven clear days 56

Mikvah 59
Okununtsya commandment in the " mikveh " in time? 60
Dipping in the " mikveh " on Saturday and at the end of its 61
On the day of dipping 62
Preparations for the mikvah 62
Dipping in the " mikveh " 68
How to behave after dipping ? 70

Wedding Date . 74
Purification of the bride 74
Wedding Night 76
Real unity 77
The first reach 78
Cleansing after the close of the first 78
Virgin blood after the wedding 78
" Hupat Nida » 79

Pregnancy and childbirth 81
Preventing pregnancy 81
Purification of women after childbirth 81
Nursing mother 83

Questions regarding the calculation of periods of estrangement 84
Issues relating to the suspension of the laws
between Nida 84
Issues relating to the white linen during
count seven clean days 87
Issues of verification " hefsek mahapa» 88
Questions regarding the seven days of pure 88
Issues relating to the laws " hatsitsy " and
dipping " mikveh " 89

Never too late to start , but sometimes
You can be late 92
The dedication in the performance of the commandments
93 saved from death
95 rescued child
Do not grieve , Ershl ! 95
Full recovery ! 97
Salvage check 98

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