Dialogue or missionery?

Dialogue or missionery?

Two Thousand Years Together

Two Thousand Years Together

Go to Your People! to the Jews

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fifth edition

The book is about the true Jewish values, history of mutual relations between Jews and Christians, describes events of the remote past and now days.


The entire history of Western civilization is marked by Christian attempts to missionize the Jews. The earliest followers of Jesus already urged the Jews to join their ranks. Yet despite its strength and power, the Church was not able to win over the souls of the sons of Israel.

Thus it turned its wrath against them, persecuting them with all the means at its disposal. Thousands of Jews were slaughtered during the Crusades, ten of thousands perished in the fires of the Inquisition, hundreds of thousands were murdered in pogroms.

In our era of enlightenment, six million Jews were annihilated by the Nazis in the very heart of Christian Europe, under the eyes of the civilized, yet silent Christian world.

But to call the physical extermination of the Jews the main goal of the Church would by incorrect; the conversion of Jews to Christianity was always its first priority. Over the centuries, missionaries, by fire and sword, by bribery and persuasion, tried to make Jews abandon their faith. Jewish history is replete with instances of individuals, indeed of entire congregations, that chose rather to give up their lives in sanctifica-tion of the Divine Name.

Ironically, today, the missionaries seem to be closer to their goal than ever before. Many Jews, especially those from the former Soviet Union, haven't the slightest knowledge of Jewish laws and traditions or of their ancestors way of life. This makes them easy victims of predatory Christian preachers who convince them that Christianity is the true Jewish religion.

Although there are some polemical chapters in the book, its purpose is not to argue with such missionaries. Rather, it addresses Russian-speaking Jews who might, G-d forbid, fall prey to their machinations.

The book, which includes writings by ancient and contemporary authors, discusses genuine Jewish values, reviews the history of relations between Jews and Christianity and describes events from the remote past as well from recent times.

Written in a lively and expressive manner, it will no doubt be of great interest for every Jew seeking to learn more about the history of his people, and to deepen his own Jewish identity.

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