Jews' Heroism on War

Jews' Heroism on War

Destiny of Jewish people

Destiny of Jewish people

History of Jewish people

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The popular textbook of the Jewish history at schools of Israel
Like the vast majority of these publications , she begins his narrative with the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem and the Babylonian exile. Outside the textbook was almost millennium of Jewish history. The reason for this apparent discrepancy is that the early period of Jewish history: the journey of the Patriarchs . The Exodus from Egypt , the conquest of the Land of Israel , the period of the judges , the era of the first kings , dividing the country into northern and southern kingdoms , and finally the loss of independence , the destruction of the First Temple and exile - with great power and yarkrstyu described in the Tanakh - the Jewish Scriptures . The content of the Tanakh is familiar from childhood to millions of Jews and non-Jews , and the compilers of books of Jewish history , of course, take into account this fact .

In comparison, the Russian-speaking reader, new to the Tanach , is at a disadvantage. Our plans include the publication of a book on the early period of Jewish history , but still feel it is our duty to inform you that this will require the elimination of illiteracy from the reader to access Tanach .


part One
From the Babylonian captivity to the destruction of the Second Temple

Chapter 1. Israel after the destruction of the Temple
Chapter 2. Babylonian exile
Chapter 3. The end of the Babylonian Empire
Chapter 4. Return from Babylon
Chapter 5. The situation of the Jews of Persia
Chapter 6. Ezra and Nehemiah
Chapter 7. The sages of the Great Assembly
Chapter 8. The power of the Greeks
Chapter 9. The Jews in the days of the reign of Alexander the Great
Chapter 10. The Jews under the rule of the Ptolemies
Chapter 11. Judea under the rule of the Seleucid dynasty
Chapter 12. War Hashmoneev for the Torah of Israel
Chapter 13. War , peace and the death of Judah Maccabee
Chapter 14. Jonathan and Simon
Chapter 15. Yohanan Hyrcanus - Purusha and tsadukim
Chapter 16. Judah Aristobulus and Yanai
Chapter 17. Shlomit Alexandra
Chapter 18. Fratricidal war between Hyrcanus and Aristobulus
Chapter 19. The Board of Hyrcanus and Antipater
Chapter 20. The Board of Antipater and his sons
Chapter 21. The power of Antigone
Chapter 22. Judea under the reign of Herod
Chapter 23. The Board of Archelaus
Chapter 24. Spiritual life during the reign of Hashmoneev
Chapter 25. First Roman rulers
Chapter 26. king Agrippa
Chapter 27. Board of governors of the past
Chapter 28. beginning of the uprising
Chapter 29. Distribution of the uprising
Chapter 30 . The war in Galilee
Chapter 31. From Galilee to Jerusalem
Chapter 32. besieged Jerusalem
Chapter 33. The destruction of the Temple
Chapter 34. After the destruction of the Temple and the city
Chapter 35. The Jews in Babylonia
Chapter 36. The Jews in Egypt
Chapter 37. The life of Jews in other parts of the Roman Empire

part Two
From the destruction of the Second Temple to the Crusades

Chapter 1. Rabban Yochanan ben Zakai
Chapter 2. Rabban Gamliel of Yavneh and his contemporaries
Chapter 3. The political situation in the reign of Trajan
Chapter 4. Beitar
Chapter 5. Decree of the destruction
Chapter 6. End of an era of persecution
Chapter 7. Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi
Chapter 8. The Mishnah and other books Tanayev
Chapter 9. End of stay Sanhedrin in Zippori
Chapter 10. Jeru Talmudic sages Lim
Chapter 11. S position eepi Eretz Yisrael in the age Amoraic
Chapter 12. Babylon Amoraim
Chapter 13. Amoraic last generation and the completion of the Talmud
Chapter 14. The Jews of Babylonia in the late Persian rule
Chapter 15. The situation of Jews in Eretz Israel in the aftermath of
completion of the Talmud
Chapter 16. The Jews of Babylonia in the period from the beginning of the Arab
rule until the end of the era of Gaon
Chapter 17. Reshey galuta and Geonim
Chapter 18. Karaite schism
Chapter 19. Rav Saadia Gaon
Chapter 20. The last century era Geonim
Chapter 21. Eretz Yisrael in the age of Gaon
Chapter 22. The Jews of Germany and France before the Crusades
Chapter 23. The spiritual life of the Jews in Germany and France
before the Crusades

part Three
From the Crusades to the expulsion from Spain

Chapter 1. The First Crusade
Chapter 2. The second and third crusades
Chapter 3. The Pope and the royal house of Hohenstaufen
Chapter 4. Period tosafistov ( Baalei Tosafot )
Chapter 5. Jews in England
Chapter b . The Jews of France after the II Crusade
Chapter 7. The political and economic situation of the Jews
Germany after the crusade III
Chapter 8. black Death
Chapter 9. The spiritual life of the Jews in Germany
Chapter 10. The Jews of Spain to Arab rule
Chapter 11. The initial period of Arab rule in Spain
Chapter 12. Rabbi Hasdai ibn Shaprut
Chapter 13. Rabbi Shmuel Anagid
Chapter 14. Rabbi Yitzhak Alfasi and Rabbi Yosef ibn Migas
Chapter 15. Section Spain between Muslims and Christians
Chapter 16. Rabbi Yehuda Halevi and his contemporaries
Chapter 17. Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon ( Maimonides )
Chapter 18. The dispute about the books Rambam
Chapter 19. The situation of Jews in Spain to 5151 (1391) , the
Chapter 20. The sages of Spain (until 5151/1391 years)
Chapter 21. The study of Kabbalah in Spain
Chapter 22. The political situation of the Jews in Spain
the XIV - XV centuries
Chapter 23. Jewish spiritual elite in Spain
from 5151 (1391) and the year before the expulsion
Chapter 24. Fernando and Isabella . Combining Spain
and the expulsion of the Jews
Chapter 25. The expulsion of Jews from Portugal
Chapter 26. The political situation of the Jews in Italy
in the Middle Ages
Chapter 27. Rabbis of medieval Italy

part Four
From the expulsion from Spain to the spread of Hasidism

Chapter 1. Beginning of a new time
Chapter 2. Spanish exiles in the Mediterranean countries
Chapter 3. The sages of Eretz Yisrael after the expulsion from Spain
Chapter 4. David- Reuveni and p . Shlomo Molko
Chapter 5. Prince Don Yosef
Chapter b . reformation
Chapter 7. Polish Jews before the events of 5408 (1648) , the
Chapter 8. Jewish self-government in Poland
Chapter 9. Torah in Poland
Chapter 10. Events 5408 (1648) , the
Chapter 11. Jews in Germany before the end of the Thirty Years' War
Chapter 12. Spanish and Portuguese refugees in Holland
Chapter 13. Shabtai Zvi
Chapter 14. Polish Jews after the tragedy of 5408 (1648) g
Chapter 15. Rabbis in Poland and Lithuania after 5408 (1648) g
Chapter 16. Hasidism
Chapter 17. The Gaon of Vilna
Chapter 18. The Jews of Italy before the French Revolution
Chapter 19. The Jews of Germany and Austria after the Thirty Years' War
Chapter 20. The spiritual life of the German Jews in the middle of the XVIII century
Chapter 21. German Jews in the Age of Enlightenment
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