Towers-Twins in Codes of a Torah

Towers-Twins in Codes of a Torah

Secrets of the Jewish Alphabet

Secrets of the Jewish Alphabet

These Are the Words

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a vocabuliry of Jewish spiritual life

You can not live a Jewish religious life in translation. Judaism is of particular attachment to his sacred language . Our tradition is so closely associated with the texts that Judaism in translation - not just Judaism ... - Says in the introduction to this book, the author Arthur (Abraham ) Green. - As you will see in the course of reading , and Judaism - is, in essence, is the language with which Jews express their beliefs , aspirations and hopes . "

For people who are attracted to mysticism, which seek to understand the secrets of Jewish spirituality , knowledge of the terminology and understanding of the nuances of meaning is particularly important, and the literal translation of it helps a little . Those of them who not speak Hebrew , is this book - the first and only of its kind dictionary of Jewish mysticism and the spiritual life. The author gave a definition of the key concepts in this area , and each of them has supplied a detailed commentary , which helps the reader to understand why a particular word you need to know and use it in the original.

Arthur (Abraham ) Green - a prominent Jewish thinker , one of the greatest modern scholars of Jewish mysticism and Hasidism , a rabbi, a professor of the University of Bran - Deiss and dean of the rabbinical school of the Jewish Joint College (USA) - a pilot program to allow religious students of academic disciplines , to give special attention to finding your own spiritual path.

This book - an attempt to create a dictionary that would help to better understand the lives of Jews, especially her spiritual side. Choice of terms was accompanied by long reflection - I tried to select the most significant . Each concept in the dictionary definition I gave , accompanied by an etymological and historical commentary. I tried to convey the essence of a particular concept , emphasizing those untranslatable nuances of meaning , because of which it is so important to use the original term .

I started this with a list of vocabulary of 100 words . Since, according to tradition, every Jew should say the blessing one day , I thought it would be good to also learn a hundred words. Soon, however, my list came out initially for a certain framework . Then I decided to have stopped at 120 , is also very good including Hebrew . After all, Moses lived 120 years, and congratulating someone on his birthday , we wish him " to one hundred twenty ! ". But the list continued to grow, it became 148 words . Any combination of the Hebrew letters have numeric as well as meaning. Looking at the number 148, I realized that we are with you , the reader , felt for something important . This figure is written in Hebrew letters Kof - meme -hat and pronounced Kemah , which means " meal ." Immediately comes to mind Talmudic rabbis say , "No flour , no Torah " 1. Many modern commentators understand this to mean that scientists should be full ( so be kind enough to subsidize our science !) . And if you see in the raw flour for baking bread , this book - like flour - gives you the linguistic raw material from which you can " bake " your own Jewish life . As you will see in the course of reading the dictionary , and Judaism - is, in essence, is the language with which Jews express their beliefs , desires, and hopes . The hopes and aspirations that we want to share with others and pass on to children . Dictionary of Jewish life - is the channel through which we perceive the heritage of their ancestors and pass it to our descendants , it is a milestone for hope.

I invite you to explore the word for word. Read my definition of a particular concept . Think about it. Compare my interpretation with others known to you. You may well disagree with me neohasidskim closest approach or mine, copyright , interpretations. In this book left a lot of space and it is no accident: write directly in the book, add your own and other people's ideas , become my co-author . This dictionary is enriched by your own experience, you will be able to pass on to their children.

Torah - is the way that has no end. Each one of us - a link between ancestors and descendants , so we all get and pass the Torah. To do this, we need to understand the thinking of previous generations. Master the vocabulary of Jewish life duhovvnoy - an important step in this direction. But for the first step , a second - we have to learn the Jewish tradition in its entirety , to enter into the lexicon of its terms and , in turn , enrich it with their thoughts and feelings. Judaism , which we pass on to our children , to become even richer and deeper - thanks to the efforts of our generation. Neither tradition can not continue indefinitely as antiques , as unchanging heritage of antiquity. Only enrich the heritage we received their own experience , we pass to their children Toras Chaim , "living Torah ."

Dedicating this book to his sister Paula , I dedicate it to all those Jewish women who - unlike their brothers - were not Jewish education. Fortunately, today the situation is changing , but there is still a lot of girls (and boys) a lack of knowledge about Judaism and Jewish life. I hope this book in which I tried to explain not only the foundations of an ancient tradition, but my own experience to help you.


from the Editor
Section I. God Vyšna worlds
Section II. Torah text and its study
Section III. religious practice
Section IV. The spiritual life
Section V. Community Life
Section VI. sacred things
Section VII. sacred Places
Section VIII. Sacred time
Months of the Jewish calendar
Index of Russian names
Index of Articles

Index of Articles

Labor 183
Avot 229
Agave 186
Haggadah 69
Haggadah shel Pesach 73
Adonai 21
Amida 127
anava 188
Arabia, Maariv 130
Aron Kodesh 291
Ata 349 23 Bar-miiva/bat-mitsva
Beit ha - miqdash 319
Beit Knesset 323
Bitahon 190
Bracha , Baruch 132
Bria Brit Mila 325 111 134 Gavdala goals Hallel 73 136 138 Gaftara
Gitbodedut 192
GITL gavut 196
Davem , a long-time 140
dvekut 198
Derech Eretz 232
Dean 26 Dukhan , 142 duhnun
Zhut 200
Yazkor 144
Imagot 234
Ira 202
Israel 236
IRMS 205
Yerushalayim 328
Ga-tov/yetser yetzer ha -ra 208
Yeshiva 239
Yom Kippur 356
Yom Tov 359
Yortsayt 361
Yod -Vav -ge -ge 19
Kabbalat Shabbat 146
Kabbalah 78
Kavanagh 210
Kavod 28
Kadish 148
Kadosh , Kdusha 213
Kehilla 242
Kiddush 150
Ga-Shem/hilul kiddush ha -Shem 244
clip 30
Kol Nidrei Kotel Maaravi 152 331
Kosher , Kosher 154
Levaya 363 Lulav , Etrog Malach 293 33 82 Maḥzor Matzo Mashiach 246 296 299 Megillah Mezuzah Melech 301 35 303 Menorah Midrash Minhag 84 Mikveh 334 157 160 Mincha Minyan Mitzvah 249 162 336 Mitzrayim Mshikan 338 Mishnah 87 Musar Mussaf 251 165 Navi / Neila Neviano 254 365 Neroth Shabbat 305 Negiama 37 Neshama yetera Nisuin 215 368 40 olam olam ha -ba 340 Pardes 42
Perush , parshanut 89 370 Pesach Pirkei Avot 93
Piute 96 Pnimiyut 217 372 Purim Rab, Rabbi Rahamim 256 44 258 Rebbe
Rosh Hashanah Roshhodesh 375 378 Ruach ha Kodesh 46 Ruhaniyut 219 Sefer 99 Cidyp Simcha 261 101 380 Simchat Torah
Sukkah 307
Sukkot 382
Sefiras ha - omer 384
48 Sefirot
Ta'anit 161 Tagar / Mist 169
tallit 309
Talmid Chacham 264
Talmud 104
Tanah 107
Tgilim 110
Tikkun Olam 266
Tisha B'Av 386
Tora 112
Tfila 172
tefillin 311
Thinot 116
Tshuva 222
Havura 268
Hanukkah 388
Hassid 272
Chumash 118
Hupa 313
Zaar Baal Chaim 275
Tzadik 277
tzedakah 280
Tselem Elohim 282
tzimtzum 52
Tsniut 285
Shabbat 391
Shavuot 396
Shadai 54
Shalom 287
Shacharit 174
Shiva 116
Shir ha - Shirim 120
Shema 178
Shemini Atzeret 398
Schmitt / Yovel 400
shofar 315
Shulchan Aruch 122
Divinity 56
Ein Sof 58
Elohim 60
Emet 63
Emunah 225
Eretz Yisrael 343

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