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Write about your friends easily and pleasantly. Words and figurative expressions are chosen by themselves, it is easy to lie on paper, boldly composing Compound (and sometimes - and Compound) offer. Thoughts do not crawl, but slim and compact columns filled with text. The mood of each paragraph written better, the sun shines softly through the window, the air is fresh and clear. In short, if you want to get pleasure out of life, sit at the desk and start writing something about my friends. For example, about the books they wrote.

My acquaintance with Boris Kamyanovym held in the early '90s. The newspaper "Vesti", then a powerful and beloved readers, I recently immigrant delivery, had worked as a coming author, Boris, already venerable and popular author, served there as an editor. One day the friend took me to a well-built stocky man, who was sitting pensively in front of the computer, and introduced us. Kamyanov looked at me and asked: "On the football writing?". I nodded affirmatively. Suddenly his eyes flashed light cunning, and he shot me a question: "who stood at the gate of the USSR Olympic team in the sixty-fourth year? '. "Lisitsyn," - somewhat bewildered surprise exam, I replied. "Right!" - Boris and approved, all sitting triumphantly looked around the room and listen to our conversation, proudly said: "I lived with him in a yard!". And he smiled a light and bright smile. Believe me - no, but I sensed immediately that make friends with that person. And I was right.

Boris Kamyanov - famous author. The popularity of his books and articles have long crossed the borders of Israel. It is read and revered in Russia, the United States, Germany and Ukraine. And not just after the fall of the "Iron Curtain". I distinctly remember the communist times to Kiev (and not only!) Went on Xerox peresnyaty his article that earlier, before the era of historical materialism, the whole world spoke Hebrew and that, for instance, Moscow - is a corruption of "May kava "(continuous duty), Warsaw - Beer-Sheva, and Gibraltar -" giber Alter "(in Yiddish -" heroic old man ").
Book by Boris Kamyanova certainly delight all fans of his talent. This is the end of his three-volume The first includes poems and translations in the second and third - brought together under one cover - humor and journalism. We can say that in the end the author was brought before the reader in the form of three-headed serpent of literary, able to satisfy all tastes and preferences.

What, above all, amazing when you start to read Kamyanova? Language. Fantastically perfect, correct the Russian language, which, perhaps, for a long time no one spoke either in Russia or in other matters over the world. Kamyanov in this case acts as a kind of guardian of the Russian verbal tradition. There is nothing particularly original in this: it is not the first time a Jew stands in this demanding role. It is amazing is not it, but how he managed to preserve the purity and the Russian language literacy for many years lived in total isolation from the places of its active use. (And maybe because of that ...) Do not be surprised if in ten years in various world of new universities in the Department of Slavonic Studies is on the books of Bori students will learn the Russian language.

Humorous miniature Borie - the famous "ofonarizmy and opegachki" - are widely known and loved. Some of them have long passed into the category of "popular", and when someone will say that the aphorism uttered by a particular author, surprise, there is no limit. Talk about humor Kamyanova pointless - it simply must read. And have fun. Because it's ridiculous.

Journalism - is another matter. Kamyanov here acts as an uncompromising author, clearly and convincingly present their views and assessments. It happens, sometimes it fills, but captures the reader's thoughts centripetal and not let go. Analyzing and reflecting on Borin article inevitably come to the conclusion that the simple words is not only the author's confidence in their own right, but a deep and genuine knowledge. It is this: Knowing with a capital letter. Such as deep, as his faith.

I am happy that you're holding this book. Read Boris Kamyanova. Read - enjoy, laugh and think.

And God forbid we all health!

Ian Halperin
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