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Stories About Righteous

Torch before dawn part 1

Torch before dawn part 1

Megillat Alter Rebbe. 19 Kislev

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The complete collection of documents, histories, protocols of interrogations.

Published for the first time.

From the originator

Book Megillat Alter Rebbe is a chronological collection of official government documents, minutes of interrogation actors, reports and correspondence of officials, as well as a large number of stories associated with the release of the Rebbe.

The collection is divided into two chapters, which, respectively, are documents relating to the first and the second conclusion of the Alter Rebbe's custody. The purpose of the compiler without making any personal conclusions describe the events of that period of time when, through the prism of all the available materials. Work has been done on a sample, and transcripts of archive files, as well as translation from Hebrew into Russian all sorts of stories, including memories of the descendants of the Alter Rebbe. All these Hasidic Mays have been published in well-known books, such as "Base Rabi", "Rabbeinu of Liadi," "Shivhey A Rabbi" and so on. D.

None of these books did not pursue such objectives, they contain any documents or interviews or stories. For example, "Kerem Chabad" and "Rishon Maasar" were first published almost all the documents from the archive files associated with the Alter Rebbe, made a deep analysis, given the comments, but stories about them.

For this reason, it was intended to collect all the important documents and present them as evidence of the truth of the stories of the first Hasidic Chabad leader.

Another incentive for the creation of this study served as a well-known event that occurred after the release of the Alter Rebbe. Hasidim decided that all the miracles that happened to him, it is necessary to present a special scroll in the holiday of Purim. We were prepared parchment and ink, but the Rebbe told them that in the book there is no need, however, the day of liberation from prison, 19 Kislev, you need to celebrate as the holiday, which does not say tahanun, and Hasidic feast to remember what happened.

Rabi Nohum, grandson of the Alter Rebbe, every 19 Kislev telling stories associated with these events, and if you come to someone who has not heard them, he started again.

This, in my opinion, provides a simple explanation of why you need a single publication that would contain and state documents, and wonderful history, and - most importantly - the Rebbe answers to the questions of the Governing Senate and denunciations. His Alter Rebbe answers convinced of the correctness entire state apparatus of power, including the king; and then says one of the senators: "Your Rabbi showed us God ozhestvenny Infinite Light."

Many in the text comes across Russian words, written with Hebrew transliteration; at the very beginning of the interrogation the Alter Rebbe uses the words "board", "investigation" and the phrase "B-OSU pray," you might think that these words Rebbe, at the very beginning as it says all authorities that "the Board of driving consequently, to pray to the One Gd, "and thus the whole process wrapped up in favor of recognizing the ideas of Hasidism in Russia, which is what happened in the future. During the trial, he explained the idea of unity in sevyshnego and Infinity World ozhestvennogo B as described in the books of Kabbalah.

There are many books and publications devoted to the miracles associated with the release of the Rebbe. All these stories are often retold and rewritten, gathering and inaccuracies. For example, as Paul I came to the cell to the Rebbe, which could not be; All interviews took place in the Senate, however, the primary interrogation could be conducted in the fortress, but the interrogation was carried out employees of the Secret expedition of the 3rd Department of the Governing Senate, and so on. d.

The book contains translations of Hebrew, as well as the original documents in Russian - that which was used in the state institutions of the Russian empire XVIII - XIX centuries.

In an effort to convey the spirit and flavor of the time, an attempt was made to preserve the style, spelling and punctuation of the original texts, perhaps, difficult to understand a person is not prepared for such a text, and of course the first reading of such a document, it may be difficult. But if you imagine that sic read the Rebbe himself, as well as officials who make decisions about the future of the Alter Rebbe and Chassidim, the interest is many times increases.

The book contains words and phrases that state that Russian officials, wrote letters and documents, met for the first time, and thus allowed all sorts of errors that it was decided to keep. In particular, writing the words "Hasidim" and "Caroline" in the presentation of the text, there are many different interpretations, "Hoseda", "Hosoda," "Hasidi," "Coraline," "korolenery" and so on. D. We have deliberately refused to unification, the reader also felt all the neglect and rejection against the Hasidim from both the tsarist officials, and clerks. Also, in translation from Hebrew stories from the book "Base Rabi", "A Rabbi Shivhey" and others, featured a number of persons of the bureaucracy, where they are designated by the word "minister" or "officer." In those cases where it was possible to find out the position of the official, it clearly stated in the text, and where not - then the word "official".

In addition, the original documents of many of the words are illegible, they had to either pass or recover the sense; Of course, errors are possible, but there is hope that they will not affect all of the material as a whole.

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