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Siddur Tefilat Moshe

Siddur Tefilat Moshe

Methods to pray with kavana. Methods to improve live

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This book is about methods that help to pray intently.
Getting to this book, I felt some trepidation. After writing about prayer - to write about the "nainezhneyshey" and, in something intimate secrets of Genesis. At the same time it is something that is inherent and is an integral part of the life of every creature, I think not even just a man. In any "complicated" situation, when we are going through something, in fact, I believe, included the mechanisms and aspects that could be called "Avodah Balev" - the service of the heart, may be more accurate - a cry or request, let often silent - who arranged everything, and who directs the Ecumenical universe. This request and cry and be joyful. They do not always osoznavaemy ...

Besides prayer, it is like something aspiring and building in the future - because if all arranged in the present - how would pray? What could I ask for? (Prayer does not preclude other methods and ways of communicating with God.)

Therefore attacks and fear invade the inner world of the reader, which is unique and valuable in itself in itself, I trepidation before Gd and before reading, get down ...


There is no doubt that the topic of focus in prayer is important. And although someone in prayer and not distracted (Gd forbid, to such people became more and more), yet it seems that a book with a brief description of a number of techniques that can help not to be distracted while praying is not useless. Incidentally, the material presented herein may be in one form or another, applied in other areas of life.

Key concepts in communication with God (and prayer) can be simplicity, humility and openness (straightness). Jewish tradition says a lot in this regard and love, trembling before Gd, and reliance on Him.

Arie Brodkin

Table of Contents:


Part 1
- Some of the information in connection with a concentration in prayer.
- What is useful to know

Part 2: Methods
Chapter 1: Techniques of understanding of the meaning or similar to the understanding of the meaning
Chapter 2 Methods related to the peculiarities of perception
Chapter 3 Methods associated with sincerity and self-awareness ("I" - a sense of) prayer
Chapter 4: The group of methods that are not integrated directly any common "through" the idea
- The method of "long"
- Improvement of character
1 With a prayer (from the book Chafetz Chaim "Ahavat Chesed")
2 On the meaning (semantic content)
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