Chumash with Ramban's commentary. 5 volumes

Chumash with Ramban's commentary. 5 volumes

My Israel. Principles of governance Based on Kabbalah

My Israel. Principles of governance Based on Kabbalah

My Siddur

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This colorful collection of selected prayers for children

My Siddur - my first book of Jewish prayers in Hebrew and in Russian.

Dear Parents

What is prayer?

Prayer is central to the spiritual life of the Jew. It gives us the opportunity to turn to the Creator of the universe, whose power is limitless, and ask for us and for all created things. Almighty listens to our prayers, as the Father listens to his favorite child, and we hope that our prayers and requests will be fulfilled and happy life we honor. A hint of this is found in the root of the word Tefillah ("Prayer" in Hebrew), its meaning - is "hope."

Everyone, no matter what spiritual level it may be, can pray and try to understand the words of the prayer. Prayer - a thread that connects all the generations of the Jewish people throughout history. The text of the prayer can be spoken as a holy language and in other languages.

Education prayer begins in childhood. It is known that the prayer of little children especially loved by God.

This siddur are prayers and blessings that accompany the child from the moment when he wakes up in the morning and before his bedtime at night.

We may be made worthy to merit the prayers of our children early arrival of Moshiach!
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