Doctrine of rabi Nahman From Braslav. Fantastic Stories, Conversations

Doctrine of rabi Nahman From Braslav. Fantastic Stories, Conversations

Garden of Gratitude

Garden of Gratitude

Wisdom Of Women

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Why women are not aware of their power? Why they do not understand that all the forces and the blessings bestowed upon men, taken from women? It is important that the woman will be aware of her power - it will enable her to withstand all trials and do its utmost to build the house. "Every wise woman arranges her house, but stupid is destroying with her own hands" (Michelet, 14:1)

In fact, his mother - it's an "artist ", depicting and shaping the child. Therefore, it is owed ​​to her all the praise and applause when the child becomes a good and worthy of respect for the man . If the sight of a beautiful painting all praise for the talent of the artist , admiring art created by them , even though it's just a flat two-dimensional image that does not have its own life and inner world - what a delight it must call a woman, his art forming the inner world of a child !

Understanding the importance of the role of the mother - the basis for success in the education of children, as this understanding allows her to rejoice in their task. Only if a woman realizes that her mission - to raise a family , and it's a great mission , full of stunning depth and immeasurable sense , it can be in love and not feeling the gravity of the burden of child care .
Rabbi Shalom Arusha

Strict warning!
It is strictly forbidden man to read this book !

Explanation : Each spouse should assume that the world is in the house depends on him and only on him . Let them explore and executes the appropriate instruction to him , without engaging in part related to his or her spouse . Let no one think if they perform their duties, because otherwise he's always going to notice other people's shortcomings and make claims about anything that does not make the other party . This approach only leads to frustration , disputes and quarrels. And most importantly - it weakens the person and , most likely, is fraught with negligence in the performance of his part of the work to achieve peace in the family.

On the other hand, if you focus solely on his duties , comply with all as it should , without thinking , whether performed by the other , it is very helpful. Such a person will find peace of mind and will not indulge in bad thoughts about your spouse , and will continue to respect and love him (her) . In addition, he will perform his part of obligation, which, of course , will help to establish peace in the family. Most likely, it will move the other spouse and to comply with its obligations. The main thing - Heaven will certainly help to bring peace in a home where at least one person is making this so hard . And even more so if both spouses understand what their responsibilities and try to fulfill them as follows in the family is sure to set the desired peace.

Therefore, the correct way to achieve peace in the family is that each of the spouses has studied what his duties , and he tried to execute them properly. If each spouse to focus on his ministry in the family is sure to set the desired peace.

And if so, then , as in this book describes the duties of woman towards her husband , men are strictly forbidden to even look at it !

I hope I wrote enough words are clear and understandable , and no man can open the book , and will only pray that he is honored to perform the duties assigned to him by himself, and that his wife was also honored to perform tips contained in this book , and then in their family true peace will reign .

Come and listen to mercy , is it a blessing and a blessing!

With the blessing of the Torah ,
Shalom Arusha



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