Book of Giving the Torah

Book of Giving the Torah

Kabbalah: New Perspectives

Kabbalah: New Perspectives

Beginnings of the Theoretical Kabbalah

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Those who study Kabbalah at the beginning of this book can be sure that the front of it - not just another profanity or pop Kabbalah for Dummies , which had multiplied in recent years countless and authentic , secret knowledge that has come down to us from centuries - albeit contained modern and accessible language.

In recent years, interest in the wisdom of Kabbalah is growing. Produced dozens of books on the subject. Why do you need another edition ?

The fact that Kabbalah - it is not "science" and " esoteric doctrine ." This is a confidential part of the Oral Torah , which is transmitted by tradition , which goes back to the very Moshe Rabbeinu ( Moses ) . The word " Kabbalah " means "acceptance , receipt ". Therefore extremely important in this regard is the authenticity of what is sent and received . This is what distinguishes this edition from all the other books on Kabbalah in Russian . Its author, Rabbi Yechiel Bar Lev , studied at the famous Israeli yeshiva " Ponevezh " and studied Kabbalah with the spiritual leader of the Yeshiva , Rabbi Chaim Fridlan DEROME , an expert on the teachings of the great Kabbalist Ramchal and commentator of his books. This book has received the recommendations of authoritative rabbis - p . Ovadia Yosef and p . Seraiah Davletskogo . Before you begin pestle Rabbi Moshe Shapiro . Therefore, he who studies Kabbalah began on this book can be sure that the front of it - not just another profanity and not " pop Kabbalah" for "dummies" , which had multiplied in recent years countless and authentic , secret knowledge , has come down to us from time immemorial - and let set out a modern and accessible language.

Another very important advantage of the book - its academic quality and clarity. Rabbi Yechiel Bar Lev , our contemporary , wrote a book in the form of a textbook with a clear division into chapters and paragraphs , with examples of modern life, which help get to the core studied . And though not all concepts are immediately apparent beginning readers - and can not be otherwise - he would be able to at least catch the general meaning of what was said. The book will be particularly useful , and someone who has already tried to grasp some concepts of Kabbalah and Hasidism . It will help him organize and systematize their fragmentary knowledge.

We hope that this book will help those who intend to study Kabbalah in its present form . It must be remembered that this is only a brief introduction , and that a precondition for the present study of Kabbalah is the observance of the commandments and extensive knowledge of the other sections of the Torah. And even as an introduction - this book is to explore, and not to read. It is necessary to go back more than once, or twice , to the ideas contained in it flashed all its facets .



Part 1 of the will

Chapter 1 Types of will
Chapter 2: Light and reflection
Chapter 3 The procedure of gradual emanation
Chapter 4: The will of the Creator - the root of all things
Chapter 5: The material and shape
Chapter 6 's form
Chapter 7 Worlds of Atzilut , Beria, Yetzirah and Assiah

PART 2 About Sefirot

Chapter 1 Definition of the Sefirot
Chapter 2 Sephiroth thought - Keter , Fun and Wine
Chapter 3 Separation of the Sefirot
Chapter 4 The procedure of constructing the Sefirot
Chapter 5 On the control and providence
Chapter 6 The names of the Sefirot and their symbols
Chapter 7 Sephiroth and the structure of the material man
Chapter 8 Essay Patach Eliyahu
Chapter 9 The names and the names of the Sefirot


Chapter 1: The concept of " Tzimtzum " in Kabbalah
Chapter 2 Kav and determination

PART 5 OF WORLD nowhere WORLD Toy, breaking of the vessels

Chapter 1 Reason and the result is only in spiritual terms
Chapter 2: Splitting vessels


PART 7 About Partzufim

Chapter 1 Partzuf in the language of Kabbalah
Chapter 2 Partzuf Atik Yomin
Chapter 3 Partzuf de AA
Chapter 4 Partzufim Aba and Ima
Chapter 5 Partzuf ZA
Chapter 6 Partzuf Nukva
Chapter 7 Partzufim Leah and Rachel - two aspects Nukva
Chapter 8: Rise of the Worlds

THAT IS PART 8 of the Divine ?

The belief in the unity of the Creator
The image of man
Cause and effect - the creation of personal
About prophecy
On the transmigration of souls
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