Jews in Vilno

Jews in Vilno

Josephus. The Historian and His Society

Josephus. The Historian and His Society


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The Soviet militarians captured in Germany, 1941-1945

Dr. Aron Schneier - was born in 1951 in g.Ludza , Latvia. In 1975 he graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of Daugavpils Pedagogical Institute. 1981 - Department of History State University of Latvia in Riga. In Israel since 1990, lives in Jerusalem. Since 1993 he has been working at the National Institute of Remembrance of Nazism and Heroes of the Resistance Yad Vashem. The author of several books about the Second World War.

" Captivity - is no mean feat , but a misfortune ... Your book is not all be met unequivocally . "
Sh.Morgulis former prisoner of war (Israel )

" You're the first one who wants to learn more and more about everything that happened to me and all the like. What's in the minds of these people. Even those closest were not interested in that , and it was. Stalin's distrust of the virus - was hate each : Brother , wife, children , the whole country. "
Former prisoner of war Samiter J. (USA )

"Materials books are unique (especially writing) , as well as the topic itself . Your conclusions and estimates that are reasonable . "
Professor I.A.Shteyman (Latvia )

" A serious , solidly equipped with factual material work . Very expressive details that speak of the complex and contradictory nature of many aspects of reality . "
Professor L.M.Tsilevich (Israel )
table of contents


book I
Prisoners of war Western
the anti-Hitler coalition in Nazi captivity
Description of the medal

Chapter 1.Nachalo way
Chapter 2.Oflagi . Stalag
Chapter 3.Using the labor of prisoners of war
Chapter 4.Pobegi and punishment
Chapter 5.Ubiystva war
Chapter 6.Evrei in the armies of the western countries ( 1939-1945 ).

book II
Soviet POWs in German captivity

Part I
Why more than 5 million Soviet soldiers and officers
were captured by the Germans

Chapter 1.Hronika defeats
Chapter 2.Voenno and organizational reasons
Chapter 3.Sotsialno - political reasons
Chapter 4.Subektivno -psychological factors
Chapter 5.U everyone the way

Part II
Les Miserables

Chapter 1.Lagerya , camps
Chapter 2.Voennoplennye Soviet officers
The head of the police 3.Lagernaya
Chapter 4.Meditsina death
Chapter 5.Zhenschiny - soldiers in German captivity

book III
Outcasts among outcasts - Jewish prisoners

Part I
Jews during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 .

Chapter 1. Jewish soldiers in the Great Patriotic War
, 1941-1945
Chapter 2.Evaluation military work - military awards
Chapter 3.Problema Jewish military units of the Red Army
Chapter 4.Latyshskaya (Latvian ) Division
Chapter 5.16 - Lithuanian Division I

Part II
The particular war - the war against the Jews

Chapter 1. " Commissar Order " - a legal justification
destruction of Soviet Jewish prisoners of war
Chapter 2.Ot theory to practice: eynzatsgruppy and their activities
The head of the SS and the Wehrmacht 3.Sotrudnichestvo
Chapter 4.Selektsiya on the battlefield and in the reception centers . Constant search for and betrayal of the Jews in the camps

part III
Anti-Semitism in pre-war and war years

Chapter 1. Soviet anti-Semitism in pre-war years
Chapter 2. Anti-Semitism during the war in the rear and at the front
Chapter 3. Anti-Semitism - the basis of the German front-line propaganda

part IV

Chapter 1. Help fellow ... and Germans
Chapter 2. Prisoners of war and the locals
Chapter 3. "Salvation" - collaboration with the Nazis

part V
Documents and Applications

instead of an epilogue
Jews in the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War
Special War Against the Jews
Used sources and literature
Author Index
Index of geographical names

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