Siddur Tegilat Hashem. Annotated edition with New Russian Translation. Small Format

Siddur Tegilat Hashem. Annotated edition with New Russian Translation. Small Format

Machzor for Rosh Hashanah. Annotated Edition with New Russian Translation

Machzor for Rosh Hashanah. Annotated Edition with New Russian Translation

Complete Collection of Selichot Lithuanian Communities

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It is known that King David ( peace be upon him ) knew beforehand that sooner or later the Temple will be destroyed, and therefore worried than the Jews will atone for their misdeeds ? The Midrash tells about it ( Tana Dvey Eliyahu , 23 ): " Blessed Almighty King David said : When the Jews come trouble , let them come together recognized before me in their transgression and utter prayers " Sliha "( forgiveness ) , then A answer them . "

If we want to be forgiven and saved from harm , it is necessary to satisfy the condition : "Let stand before me , gathered together." But this is not enough . To request for forgiveness was true and came from the heart , you need a good understanding of the order itself " Selichot ".

Today we are pleased to introduce you to a Russian translation of "Full collection Selichot " , which includes all the " Selichot ", spoken during the year to any of the Russian-speaking Jews was able to exercise the right of forgiveness and redemption , according to what the Blessed Almighty promised King David .

Our blessing and gratitude to Rav Reuven Pyatigorsk , which put a lot of work to create such a magnificent collection .

Special thanks to my dear friend , Reba Itskovich Shlomo , who took over the blessed initiative and worked tirelessly until we saw the finished work . Blessed be he and his family the best of the blessings of the Almighty.

And a huge thanks to all members of the community who donated funds for the publication of the collection . Yes they will be around to promote good luck with the sky!

"Let our words will be pleasing to the Lord of all that exists "

Rabbi Shlomo Baksht
Chief Rabbi of Odessa and area
Tammuz 5773 , July 2013


Selichot special prayers for forgiveness, in which we , confessing their sins , ask God to save our people from poverty and misery .

In our " Full collection selichot " shows all kinds selichot as those uttered after the Jewish holidays (Monday , Thursday and again Monday) , as well as in the days of posts, as well as those that are pronounced in all the synagogues on the eve of Rosh Hashanah and to Yom Kippur .

In addition to text proper prayers and their translation into Russian , is also given a transliteration of the original text in Russian letters . For the sample selected language pronunciation adopted in Israel as a state . At the same time we have designated Hashem's Name as it is commonly pronounced in Ashkenazi communities : A Dona .

Notes to phonetics :

The letter "e" everywhere we denote short vowel sound corresponding to the Hebrew sign - on seam . It should be pronounced fluently without an accent .

It is important to know that all Hebrew consonants are pronounced clearly and without stunning , and without reduction of vowels in unstressed position .

Stress in the holy language stands usually on the last syllable . In many cases where it is not the last Elohim , we put an accent mark .

The fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet (ה) , we did not denote in phonetics , though, according to the rules , it corresponds to the sound , similar to Ukrainian "g" or the English "b" . Do this for two reasons. First, in the Russian language there is no sign for this sound . Secondly, it is better not say at all , than to pronounce correctly. (This , by the way , and there are Israelis in most cases they are in conversation the sound is passed . )



Selichot on common positions

On the first Monday I
On Thursday 25
On the second Monday of 49
On 72 Yuteveta
On the Fast of Esther 97
17 Tamuz 124

Selichot before Rosh Hashanah

On the first day 149
On the second day 190
On the third day 227
On the fourth day 266
On the fifth day 305
On the sixth day 344
On the seventh day 382
On the eve of Rosh Hashanah 421
Removing vows 498

Selichot on Days remorse

502 for the post of Gedaliah
On the second day 550
On the third day 595
On the fourth day 637
On the fifth day 682
On the eve of Yom Kippur 727
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