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System of the Holy Books of Judaism

System of the Holy Books of Judaism

Shem Olam. Volume 1

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.Chafetz Chaim wrote many books, all on the hot topics, and the topicality of many of them have even increased in our time. These books also applies Shem Olam (literally "everlasting name"). Buy a name for himself eternal, that will not fade with the departure from this world, the great desire of all people who feel the transience of his life and times of their existence in our world. But it is for those who have no children, or they are, but do not go to ways of the Torah, or their children do not belong to the Jewish people, the problem becomes a special, truly tragic poignancy. In his book, Shem Olam great sage of the Torah extends a helping hand to such people by offering them good advice of the cure itself of the Torah, from the mouth of the prophet Yeshayahu. The book reveals the most important foundations of the Jewish world view, she said the special power of observance of the Sabbath commandment in all its laws, charity, study Torah and to support those who study it. It says: "The tree of life, it (the Torah) for those who support it" (Proverbs, 3:18), and Chafetz Chaim writes in ch. 15: The people who support Torah sages to help her, thus becoming the word of the Torah that is, acquire a house and an everlasting name in the future world. And honored as the fact that the L-rd in the future, will open their eyes and increase the light of their minds so that they be awarded in its hour to take its pride of place in the yeshiva of heaven. That is, according to the prophetic word of Yeshayahu, "key" to solving the fundamental problems of human existence in our world, worthy of "the eternal name."

On the translation

As our sages say, "from 70 individuals of the Torah" and the author of this book, the Chafetz Chaim, was one of the greatest sages of the last age, have a deep understanding of written language of the Torah. Translating Scripture verses in this book on the Russian language, we tend to follow the interpretation of the author, respectively, to the purpose for which he cites in this place this verse.

Table of Contents

Opening remarks p. Ben Tzion Zilber
From the Editor
Foreword by the translator

Saturday gates

Chapter One. About the great significance of the Sabbath
Chapter Two. On the due observance of the Sabbath
Chapter Three. About Gd's supervision and management
Chapter Four. Always carefully observe the Sabbath. Enjoying the Sabbath
Chapter Five. Oh great and important duty of Torah study on Saturday
Chapter Six. Constant care for the Sabbath. Warn others of its violations - the great merit

Gates of the desired Gd

Chapter Seven. "... And I will choose the coveted"
Chapter Eight. The merit of the commandments of Tzedakah and Chesed helps a person worthy sons

Support the gates of the Torah

Chapter Nine. The greatness of Torah study and responsibilities of how big a reward for it
Chapter Ten. About quickness in the study of the Torah. Everyone has a stake in the Torah
Chapter Eleven. The importance of the report to yourself
Chapter Twelve. The greatness of holiness of the Torah and love of the Most High
Chapter Thirteen. About quickness - to acquire a share in the Torah
Chapter Fourteen. Thanks to the Torah and the commandments of people booked finest clothes and enjoy the light of the Shekinah Chapter Fifteen. The greatness of duties to support the study of the Torah, and how great is the reward for it
Chapter Sixteen. Support the Torah better than sons and daughters
Chapter Seventeen. What makes a person is booked stake in the construction of the Temple
Chapter Eighteen. To strengthen themselves against the evil promptings
Chapter Nineteen. On the purpose of the arrival of man in this world
Chapter Twenty. More on the report to yourself
Chapter Twenty-One. Learn together with others - a higher level of performance of the commandments
Chapter Twenty-Two. Strengthen the foundation: the study of Torah and fear of Gd

The final part

Chapter Twenty-three. To strengthen themselves in the Torah and the commandments per hour reduction. Take flour with love
Chapter Twenty-Four. Latest inventions and faith
CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE. The merit of the Torah makes per hour woes
Chapter Twenty-six. The merits of the Torah and mercy, save in the hard hours before the arrival of the Messiah
Chapter Twenty-Seven. About quickness in the study of Torah

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