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High Holidays and Succot

High Holidays and Succot


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Shmita - the law on the seventh year of an agricultural cycle in which all the Jewish agricultural sites of the Earth of Israel should have a rest. The book assorts alaha (legislative), historical, social and philosophical aspects of a precept about shmita. The special attention is given to the observance of shmita today and to spiritual sense of a precept. Includes text in Russian and Hebrew.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. THE DOCTRINE OF Schmitt: the commandment of Schmitt and
Its social implications in Judaism

Schmitt 7
Compliance with laws Smite in the urban sector today 13
Debt cancellation 15
The commandment "Gakgel" 24

Chapter 2. Schmitt PAST AND PRESENT version of the commandment of Smite in the past and nowadays 35

Gakgel Festival in Jerusalem 43
The award for the fulfillment of the Covenant 50

Chapter 3. Schmit in the reflected SCRIPTURE AND PHILOSOPHY

"The Sabbath of the earth" - the idea Shmita in the teaching of Rav Kook. 59
The essence Shmita. "There will be ground to rest on Saturday, dedicated to Gd" Prof. Nehama Leibowitz 61
Following Rabbi Cook (notes in the margin) 73


Material for in-depth study of the subject
(a lecture by Prof.. Nehama Leibowitz) 81


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