Kabbalah About Happy Marriage

Kabbalah About Happy Marriage

In Harmony With Nature

In Harmony With Nature

To Become a Mother. Jewish Approach

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Practical guidance on physical and spiritual preparations for sorts.

If you are expecting a baby , this book is for you - and for your baby !
• Simple and clear explanation of what is happening at every stage of the generic process.
• Coverage of all the key issues, themes and problems that you may encounter.
• All necessary information that can help ease your delivery, make them truly happy event , full of inner meaning .
• In the center of attention - a woman in labor . This approach will give you confidence in their abilities.
• The Jewish perspective on what is happening, which you will not find in other books to prepare for the birth.

table of contents

Introduction ..................... 18
Thankyou ................ 21
1. Spiritual off .................. 29
Discover the spiritual essence of the birth.
2 . " Ashgaha Prat " - individual
Hashem care about every Jew ......... 36
The power of prayer . True stories about " ashgaha Prato "
during childbirth.
3 . Shifra and Puah - the ideal midwife ..... 41
The environment in which there are generations - past and present .
4 . Preparing for childbirth ............... 47
What can be done to the time of delivery to be physically , mentally and emotionally in the best
5 . In the womb ................. 74
The ability to recognize the warning symptoms and take appropriate measures will help you avoid hassles.
6. Is it necessary to study ? ......... 85
The benefits of training courses for labor , which should be
in their program , which must meet the requirements of the teacher. What information is needed ?
7. Where to give birth? ................... 100
What we should find out about the hospital ? How to choose a gynecologist or midwife ?
8. Relaxation - will she? ........ 112
Relaxation exercises , breathing , Lamaze and more.
Learn how to render - mental image of the way to a successful birth.
9. Begin as follows ............... 127
Exercises " Kigel " fluctuations pelvic girdle , "butterfly" will help your body to become more flexible. Herbs have traditionally been used in childbirth.
10 . Skilled care during childbirth. . 138
For more information about childbirth , the role of your
her husband was going on. How to find a suitable helper and what can be expected from the bore .
11. Contractions or not? ............. 166
Why delivery date - the date is very conditional ? How to determine the onset of labor process?
12. Happy birthday ! ......... 192
" Stage One - Disclosure and smoothing" begins with prenatal fights. Details on what's going on , what you feel and what you should do.
13. Labor pains -
how to handle them ? ............. 206
The transition from pre-natal contractions to generic : use the same trusted methods of pain relief during Svatko . What is different from the normal delivery or prolonged fast ?
14. When to go to the hospital? ............ 258
Importance of the decision on when to go to the hospital and how to get there. Check out the list if you took with you everything you need.
15. Admission Procedure .............. 269
Knowing what awaits you at the door with a sign " No Trespassing ", you 'll feel more confident.
16. How to build relationships
with the staff ? ................. 291
Proper behavior will help you get the best service for you and your baby .
17. In the delivery room .............. 306
In this room you have not yet visited. Be prepared and you will be able to keep calm .
18. Transition ..................... 320
The transition from pre-natal to generic fights : What to expect from Pego and how to deal with it .
19. If and when you need ........ 334
Childbirth today involve the need to make different decisions . Please check your potential - ordinary and extraordinary - interference in the labor process ( from the monitoring of the fetus before
Pitocin ) .
20. This is not a joke .................. 373
Demerol , and nitrous oxide - for and against .
21. " Wake me when it's over ." . . . 386
Epidural in the delivery room for all your questions - and
22. Welcome to our world ........ 414
Attempts to generation. As a " blow out " of the child outside and they do not push. Why during birth sometimes resort to vacuum or incision of the perineum tissue ?
23. Now you can say " Mazal tov! " ..... 458
You must want to immediately inform
the good news around the world, but will have to wait. The third stage of labor begins after birth .
24. These precious first moments .... 463
All the attention - to the child , feed him as soon as possible . Right start ensures the success of breastfeeding and significantly simplifies the care of the child .
25. Looking back ............... 479
special cases
26. What's wrong with cesarean section ? ..... 485
In some cases, resort to cesarean section , and why?
Rarely mentioned effects caesarean section that lengthen the period of post-natal recovery. Why normal delivery after cesarean (V-BAC) are gaining more and more supporters ?
27. Meeting with the unexpected .......... 497
Be the mother of a special child .
Notes .................... 503

Preface to the first edition in English

Who does not love interesting stories . Living life , we write our own stories and we hope that they will get inspiring that looking back, we see a life full of happiness, satisfaction, spiritual growth in a collision with the tests , pull-down to our lot .

Of all the " stories " of women's life - childhood, about school, about the first meeting with her future husband , the wedding , the children - one always stands alone , it is - the history of childbirth. How many years have passed since that moment , a woman always remember , as if it happened yesterday , the details of the birth of their children.

The history of every birth is unique, but all sounds distinctly one motive : a greater awareness of women's nature. After childbirth - this test. We are waiting for this event since she learned of her pregnancy . We're trying to imagine what awaits us if we are ready for this, can you handle at a crucial moment , which, as we know , in the end will come , but not in our power to determine when and how.

If you are going to give birth for the first time , I drew attention to the fact that not all women relate to this event with the same enthusiasm as I do. Many expectant mothers worried ( to put it mildly ) , primarily because they did not know what to expect. Many of those who have already had children , were due to childbirth as something that should go through, if you want to have a child - as a kind of unpleasant necessity.

As the years passed , the family grew, I saw that my perception of childbirth, their joyful expectation is quite different from what is happening to other women. I wondered : what is it? Maybe I'm just "lucky" ? Maybe births are easier for me than others? Perhaps many simply lose sight of what is so inspiring to me ?

I decided to look into the matter carefully listened to the stories of women who read a lot , finally passed the training, received a teaching diploma courses in preparation for childbirth , breastfeeding counselor and assistant in childbirth.

Through sessions with groups of pregnant women and providing individual assistance at delivery, I realized that in childbirth really is something which many expectant mothers do not suspect. And that something can remain hidden from the woman , even if she gave birth many times. But if a woman knows the secret , parents can be a unique opportunity for her spiritual flight , a powerful means of internal growth .

Getting ready to become a mother , I was disappointed by the fact that even in the most detailed book about motherhood itself was dedicated to the birth of a few pages. But this is what I needed to know as much as possible . Many expectant mothers have told me that they would like to hear about all the details regarding the birth itself . With these wishes, as well as their own experience, I was guided by collecting the material for this book, which tells mainly about how to increase your chances of a successful birth.

I'm not going to talk about how to best take advantage of this book. Each solve it myself. But whoever you are - great-grandmother , reminiscing and re- evaluates the history of their already long , childbirth , or a young wife expecting their first child , mother or future mother -in-law , or a young lady who is away from home and family - I sincerely hope that this book will help broaden and deepen your understanding of the birth.

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