Laws for Women

Laws for Women



Torah About Love. Island and Flame

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Series: Torah about Love mystic and practice.

About distinctions and unity of the man's and female beginning. How to understand itself and to become integral. How to improve in itself an image Supreme and to help others.

For those who dreams to get family, and yet have not found the pair - that you will not miss it when your unique exact one will come.

It can be named also as « the Guidebook to marriage », how to construct a happy matrimonial life on the basis of the wisdom which received from above and has been saved up during thousand of years.



The image of God - the foundation of Love
Stage 4 and 7 people person
Why did God create man one and two ?
Why did God create the world ?
The plan of creation
The tragedy in the beautiful garden
Two great lights
Adam , the man
Venekeva Zahar , a man and a woman
Ish and Isha , a husband and wife
Adam and Eve , Av ve - er, father and mother
Avot - to become a father
Psychology in the family

Words of the wise , G. Spinadel

Blessed is the Creator ... who has not created me a woman Whoever teaches his daughter Torah teaches like nonsense
Women are exempt from the mitzvah of tefillin and read the Shema
Women - for children
There is no wisdom in women , except in the spindle
Our daatan feces ~ frivolous women
women are talkative
If multiplies the conversation with his wife , causes evil cebe
Everyone who comes on the advice of his wife, gets into geinom
The wise woman builds her house - stupid destroy
In the rat and the pit , the longer a theory
It is true , it is - faith
All glory to the king 's daughter inside
Respect women to get rich
Women serene , stand up and listen to my voice;
Contradictions and their resolution

TEN WORDS OF JOY , G. Spinadel

a + a + a, aa, a + a + a + a + a
Children, happiness , love
Sasson , the joy of desire
Khatun , wedding
le- torus , ne -hoop at le Maas tovim
10 and 2
Simha , the joy of accomplishment
Hata and centuries , the bride and groom
Gil , the disclosure of joy
Puna , the song
Dietz , dance
Hedva , the ultimate joy
Gila , puna , Dietz vehedva
Agava , love
Ahva , brotherhood
Shalom , integrity , peace
Reut , shofar shepherd
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SONG OF SONGS , translated by G. Spinadel



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