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Fire Words

Introduction to World of Zoar. 1 volume Book of Bereshit

Introduction to World of Zoar. 1 volume Book of Bereshit

Torah about secrets of creation

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The book comprises various aspects of the Torah.

This book introduces the reader to new ideas that can open and understand the deeper aspects of the Torah. Many studies were carried out with the help of modern computer technology and special software. Determined the probability of occurrence of the Hebrew letters in the sacred texts. With their help, explained the construction of the table of Abraham Avinu in the form proposed by Ari. It is shown that all the letters of the Torah - are different. Each letter of the alphabet contains all 22 of his letters, and each person corresponds to a certain permutation of the alphabet. The book came in a section which is similar to the earlier works of authors can be called "Chemistry and Kabbalah ." Listed some of the places in the Tope may have given hints to the creation of such books , such as " Sefer Yetzirah " Abraham Avinu or " Pardes Rimonim " Moshe Kardovero . Those interested in the mysteries of Scripture will find in this book a lot of interesting information .

Table of Contents .

1. designations
2 . from the authors
3 . Probabilities of Hebrew letters
4 . The probability table of Abraham Avinu
5 . Converting the Hebrew Alphabet
6. By analogy with the chemistry
7. The time and space
8. Name and branch names
9. Torah on the secrets of Creation
10 . conclusion
11. bibliography

From the authors .

32 -name instruments of God created our universe. 22 - B is a tool zhestvsnpys letters, which were created all that like in our world existed, exist now and might arise in the future. For example , the great Kabbalist Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai , author of the Zohar ( Book of Splendor ) , pointed out that the word __ verse in Genesis 1.1 is an abbreviation of the Hebrew alphabet ( from his first letter "aleph" to the last " Tav "). Thus , we can understand the first verse of the Torah hook : "In the beginning God created ( the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet , with which he did ) ... the sky and the earth ."

Each letter is nothing like " Divine light " [ 21], page 29. This is not the light that is familiar to us ( [22 ] page 32). B- zhestvsnny powerful light and bright, shining so dazzling that our sun would appear dark in comparison. 10 tools allow reduce the Divine light into the material substance. These K ) tools are sometimes called the 10th worlds, 10th enemies or 10th Sefirot . Gd's letters , after passing through the 10 Sefirot become a sacred language letters for Hebrew people . All of the above is confirmed , for example, the words Moshe Rabbeinu Chaim Lutsatto (see [ 24] page 92) , where it is written : " He created the world and all who inhabit it - first, potentially , and then realized the potential, thereby creating the concept of capacity building and implementation . " In [ 24], in the introduction to the " Light and concealment of the face God as the source of the soul and spirit , body and materiality " says: "The source of the creation of the soul and spirituality in the light of His presence . A source of creation and the materiality of the body - of concealing a person , that is, It limits when the outpouring of his will , "for example , with the help of the Sefirot . On page 42 states : " ... and out of that darkness there was a reality ... ". And then on page 62 states: " ... all the material and its nature , darkness, and not light ... ". And [25 ] str.379 said : " Compression and eaten in secret is the life force called " vessels ", and the very life force called the" light . " As the vessel hides the fact that in it, so limitation category ( tzimtzum ) conceals and hides pours out light and vitality. Vessels on ( Gd's ) letters, and their root - five final letters " mantsepah ." This is a 5 " hindering forces" that divide and distribute the breath and the voice on the five ways of pronunciation, and this gives rise to 22 letters . " On page 609 it is said : " The vital energy that Sefirot receive from the Creator , is nothing like its very essence ." And further on str.611 "Forms Sefirot not being comprehensible to even the most perfect intelligence , and their essence is not known by any of the creatures ." Later ( in accordance with the human time ) , Gd gave the Torah to people or the equivalent of His plan of creation of the material world . The Torah is the way in which Gd Himself wished to appear to people. The Torah is light ( Proverbs 6.23) . This conclusion is consistent with the discussion above about the letters .

In [25] str.705 said : "The Torah - causing Fun Sefirot and the Torah and holy Creator - are one and the same ." Gematria of the word light is the same as the gematria of the word " secret." Here we can see a hint of the fact that the Light of the Torah is completely incomprehensible to plow the world. It exists in both the physical and spiritual worlds. It follows that the sages of the Jewish people in the past , at present and in the future, doing, doing , and will be engaged in the comprehension of the secrets of the Torah.

In [ 25], page 593 says: " In Hebrew, the" crown "- Keter ; another meaning of the word - " fringe ". Keter , the highest of the Sefirot , it embodied the will of the Creator. Kster as it skirts the weight of the 10 Sefirot make up the world of Atzilut , and is the interface that connects the glow of Ann Soph - an inexhaustible source of Divine emanation - They formed a 10th Sefirot . The essence of the Sefirot Keter is hidden from the understanding of even the most intelligent creatures, and therefore seems not to exist for them. " The Torah (for example, in the book of Genesis ) tells of the creation of heaven, earth , plants, animals, etc. In [25 ], p 708 ( letter 29) says: " It is well known that the higher the will of the Creator , as embodied in the 613 commandments in the form in which it was expressed in the Written Torah , incomprehensible and hidden , withheld , and unknown to us and is revealed only through oral Torah. " an example of the commandment of tefillin . 'questions as tie where tie that tie , and so meets the Oral Torah , and we read about it in the books of the Jewish Sages. precisely these issues were the subject of our previous book " Torah about letters ", where we discussed the Hebrew letters are encoded in the Written torso through pirushim Great Thinkers . This book continues the same theme : we are trying to uncover the secrets of Creation, available in the Written Torah , through pirushim Abraham Avinu Shimon bar Yuhayya , books Cordovero Ari , Lutsatto , Tania book , etc. In this regard, our work is similar to the activities of Rabbi Ben Azay , which says Haggadah (see [ 28] page 17 ): " R. Ben Azay sat and talked , and around it was fire. When informed of this district . Akiva , he came and asked , indeed, whether you go for the interpretation of R. Ben Azay answered "yes ": I connect the verses of the Torah with one another , and the Torah and the Prophets , and the Prophets and the words of the Scriptures shine as at the time when they were given at Sinai - on fire (see Deuteronomy 4.1 1: " And the mountain burned with fire." ) . " This book does not belong to the category of light fiction , she is devoted to the Creation of the World. The Mishnah ( Hagiga 2.1) established the rule (see [ 28], p.122) that it is impossible to interpret the theme of the Creation in the presence of two students at a time. Higher esoteric knowledge was not hidden from any person of humble origin , nor even from the ger . only requirement for admission to "holy of holies" , the higher esoteric knowledge was righteousness and scholarship.

In our book, determined the probability of occurrence of alphabet letters in the text of Scripture. The logical conclusion of the first two chapters of the book serves as a study and explanation of the design of the table of Abraham Avinu , presented in [ 10 ] on page 259.

In the " Conversion Hebrew alphabet " in particular, we show that in every letter of the alphabet has the entire alphabet , and all the letters of the Torah are different. Research in this section are based on a specific computer program.

By analogy with the books [ 11,13,21,23 ] there was a section that could be called "Chemistry and Kabbalah ." The study of the chemistry of substances ( physical entities) like learning letters, words and verses of Scripture ( spiritual entities ) . An atom is like a letter of the alphabet , a molecule of the word . The order of atomic reflected in the nature of matter. Similarly, the order of the letters in the word defines the different concepts. In the " On Time and Space" shows the models to understand why Gd exists outside of time and space. Person's birthday and the day of his death, for Gd - one and the same moment .

Whether the reader remembers the family tree ? Even a few "nodes" in the branches of the male or female line can find a permutation of the letters of the alphabet , which characterizes this man in his physical and spiritual qualities. You'll read about it in the " Name and branch names ."

The last section of this book bears the same title as the book itself . Of course, that human capabilities are limited , and the secrets of the Torah - are endless. Therefore, the authors have tried ( with God's help ) to interpret some verses of the Torah , mainly from the first chapters of Genesis from the standpoint of mathematics, using the results of the previous sections . This confirmed the findings of the Sages of the Jewish People that the universe was created for Abraham , the Jewish people , that the Almighty , the Creator of our world - the Gd of Abraham. Include the Torah hints that may have enjoyed Avraham Avinu when writing " Sefer Yetzirah ." The results of the computer analysis of the Torah , allowing , for example , to establish how many words from the letters of the 120 permutations ____ (Abraham ) are in the Torah. Reaffirmed the provisions of the Talmud, the great luminaries (Sun and Moon ), one of which (the Moon) is a mirror for the earth. The reader will find original interpretation of the words _______ , _____ , and more.

The authors hope that the book will be of interest among the initiated.

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Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson is the author of 40 books on Kabbalah , translated into many languages. He was born in Israel in Kfar Saba and educated in ishivah " Kfar Hasidim " and " Hebron " in Jerusalem . Rav headed ishivu in Johannesburg (South Africa), and on his return to Israel he taught at ishive " Or Sameach " in Jerusalem . Rabbi Matityahu Glazersona can rightly be attributed to the Sages of the Jewish People . His book, insightful , easy to read and looks like the original ( in Hebrew ) , and translated into Russian , English, French. Kabbalah Matityahu Glazersona - this is the theory of knowledge of our world on the basis of the Torah. Rav gives people the happiest moments of communion to the shrine of Judaism.

Zeev Vladimir Manevitch to 1989 he lived , studied and worked in Moscow. In 1955 he graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. In 1959 he defended his thesis and received his PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences . In 1966 he was unanimously doctorate in physical and mathematical sciences, and in 1985 defended his doctoral thesis in engineering sciences . He is the author of over 60 scientific papers published in the DAS. USSR , Mathematics Miscellany AN.SSSR , the success of Mathematical Sciences , Journal of manufacturing science and engineering and in other prestigious scientific journals. Zeev Manevitch - the author of 10 books, of which 8 are in the Torah and mathematics , written in Israel. For 30 years he worked in the MIIT as an associate professor in the department of mathematics. In 1989 he immigrated to Israel and worked for 10 years at the Technion in Haifa position as a researcher in the field of applied mathematics. He was a member of the AMS and SIAM. He worked at the Institute of "Technology and Halacha " in Jerusalem , and in the works of Maimonides Research Institute in Haifa. Books Rabbi M.Glazersona set ( with B- zhsy Aid ) Zeeva Manevich on the only right way - the way of understanding the Scriptures , where math skills play a big role.


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