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On The Day Of Your Birth

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.How you celebrate the birthday?

How you spend this day?

Whether you are assured, what celebrate that day when were born?

Whether you know, what place was occupied by birthday in the Jewish tradition before and what occupies now?

Those and many other questions cover this book. Having read through it, you will find out how great persons of Jewish people celebrated they day of the birth. You will understand the "revolution" which has made Ljubavichsky Rebe, the head of our generation, rabi Menahem-Mendl Shneerson. You will get acquainted with the basic customs connected happy birthday of the Jew.

In my life so has developed, that it is necessary to answer set of questions with which people address often. Therefore this book is written in habitual for us and the convenient form of dialogue between two Jews. The first sincerely wishes to learn better the Jewish tradition and to come nearer to it. Another possesses a sufficient stock of knowledge and is glad to answer questions of the first.

This book will help you to make your birthday much more substantial and, the main thing, more joyful and comprehended. And the pleasure is the most powerful means to approach arrival of Mashiah, the liberator of all Jewish people.

Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky Dnepropetrovsk, Tu_Bishvat 5767

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