Mishna. Traktat Kidushin

Mishna. Traktat Kidushin

Treasures of The Talmud. Introduction to Talmud. Key Conceptions and Terminology.

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The present book represents the practical and theoretical manual for studying the Talmud. It is the first book from a series of the editions, devoted to the Talmud and comments to it in the Institute for Jewish Studies in CIS.


This book is a practical and theoretical guide to learn Talmud. This is the first book in a series of publications devoted to the translation of the Talmud and commentaries to it.

Talmud - one of the foundations of Jewish culture. However, he has provided for thousands of years and continues to exert an enormous influence on world culture: the idea of ​​the Talmud can be traced in Christianity, Islam, and many currents of modern philosophy. The study of the Talmud, the same as the book is extremely complex requires a very high level of intelligence, and therefore it was only available to few.

"Introduction to the Talmud" - the first attempt to help Russian-speaking readers acquainted with this important and well-known to him in the original source.

The publication of the book in Russia was made possible as a result of the profound changes that have occurred in recent years in the former Soviet Union and allowed to implement the boldest dreams. I was fortunate to be part of these changes, especially in the field of Jewish life and culture, and I believe that, in spite of all the difficulties and problems of life today, the future will meet our expectations.

I am sure that this book will enable readers to learn more about the Jews, themselves, to understand their spiritual and cultural roots and, in addition, will give the opportunity to all Russian-speaking readers acquainted with both distant and close culture and thus enrich their understanding of the culture as a whole.

With deep respect and hope Rabbi Adin Even-Yisrael (Steinsaltz)

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