Laws of Jewish Life

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Thanks be to Gd, the first edition of our labor, "LAWS OF JEWISH LIFE. Excerpts from the Code" Shulchan Aruch "was a huge success in the shortest possible time completely out of print, becoming a rarity. Now thousands of families of our Russian brothers - owners" Shulchan Aruch "- draw inspiration from this source and the installed bases of law upon which the way of life of a Jewish family. This work - the life-giving source for every Jew seeking to understand the word of Gd and join the fulfillment of His commandments.

Taken by us and are now offered to the reader another reissue "Shulchan Aruch MEKUTSAR" is intended to help the many new families who want to live under the laws of their esteemed ancestors. This is even more true that with what is happening before our eyes to the true miracle of hitherto locked gates swung wide Russia and tens of thousands of our brothers "exiles" with glee repatriated to Zion - the historic homeland of the Jewish people.

Compiled by the second part of this collection - the blessed memory of the righteous famous Gaon Rabbi Shlomo Gantsfrid - during his lifetime was awarded to witness the fact that his work was seen in the Diaspora Jews as a guide through life: it survived seventeen editions!

We pray that our work is the fruit of grace brought to our explanations and continue to serve as a guiding beacon in the spiritual world, our brothers and sisters who intend to join the links in a long chain of generations of Israel, stretching from the Sinai and Horeva. This will be our reward.

Table of contents

Preface Introduction
Part I
In the book, IO Löwner "Shulchan Aruch - the laws and customs of Israel all the days of the year"
The morning rise
Blessings and pronunciation rules "at Baruch uvaruh Schmoe" and "Amen"
Morning blessings
What is forbidden to do before the morning prayer tzitzit (fringes in the borders of clothes)
Tefillin (phylacteries)
General rules on the morning blessings
Kriat sh'ma
Prayer Shmona Esrei
Torah reading and the further part of the morning prayer
Daily behavior Jewish General Berachot
Blessings on receiving the pleasure and blessing of blessings posletrapeznye containing praise and thanks
Afternoon prayer (Mincha)
Evening Prayer (Ma'ariv)
Reading the Shema before going to sleep
The greatness of the Sabbath
The daily prayers of the day Saturday
The works were banned in Saturday
Muktza-object forbidden to carry
Kohanim Blessing
Holiday weekdays (cold amoed)
The onset of a new month (Rosh Chodesh) and sanctification
Month of Elul
Rosh Hashanah (New Year)
Ten Days of Repentance
Eve of Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur
Holiday of Sukkot
Using the sukkah
Blessing over the lulav
Checking the home for chametz before the holiday
Eve of Passover
Sefiras aomer
Public office, and the rules of behavior in a
between the 17th day of Tamuz and 9th day of Av
Tish'a beav
The memory of the destruction of the Temple
Personality traits needed Jew
The prohibition of slander, malign, revenge, zlopamyatstvovat
Taking care of health
Tzedakah (charity)
Theft and robbery
Keeping foreign objects (pikadon)
Unloading and loading of animals
The prohibition to cause suffering beings
Honoring father and mother
Honoring teachers and respect for the elderly
Part II
From the "Kitsur Shulchan Aruch, Rabbi Shlomo Gantsfrida and some additions
Great holiness of the Sabbath
Shabbat candles
Details about the activities prohibited on Saturday
Wash on Saturday
Preparing food on the first day
What is kosher food?
The laws of salting meat
Dipping dishes (tevilat Kelim)
Permissible and impermissible food
Married life
Isolation of tithing (terumot and maasrot)
Sabbatical year (shemita)
Explanation of some of the terms
Appeal to readers


The idea of ​​writing this book belongs to my young friend, now a student of the Lubavitcher Eshnbota Moshe Chaim Levin. It was more than three years ago, in 5730, the creation of the world, in Riga. Moses shyly showed me her secret: seeing the amazing revival of the Jewish spirit, especially in the academic world, hearing countless questions about the Jewish laws and customs, he tried to make available "Shulchan Aruch" a new generation of Russian Jewry, speaking for the most part only in Russian. As translation even a brief "Shulchan Aruch" ("Kitsur Shulchan Aruch") seems an impossible titanic effort, Moshe chose to transfer even more brief, designed for students "basic" school book IB Löwner "Shulchan Aruch - the laws and customs of Israel all the days of the year." Moshe asked for my help in this work, and I could not agree more.

Soon we felt that the text needs to be supplemented Löwner and notes. For readability, we have included these additions and comments in the main text. Furthermore, it became clear that our readers enough information about the laws of Shabbat, reported Löwner and information about kosher food, cooking meat, the laws of marriage, etc., which are not in his book, it was necessary to give extra. Thus was written the second part of the book, which is mainly translations of excerpts from "Kitsur Shulchan Aruch" Rabbi Shlomo Gantsfrida.

When we worked on the book, our dream was to multiply it in five, and if Gd will help, even a ten copies, and thus being able to give it a close read and trusted friends.

Now the book is published in hard copy, in large numbers, and we hope that it will be useful to the children of Israel-Vym seeking a return to the true Jews, but while speaking in Russian. May it be the will of God!

We are grateful to Mr. N. Gore, who has taken the trouble to the compilation of some chapters of the second part of the book, mostly concerning the laws relating to the land of Israel (Ch. 6, 10 and 11), as well as terminological pointer.

In conclusion, we must warn the reader about the following: This book is not in any way be regarded as a sufficient guide. Its mission - to acquaint the reader with the content, structure, style and spirit of the "Shulchan Aruch" and encourage the commencement of the examination script and translating it into action. When reading the sections on the order of prayers, the reader can use the prayer book with Russian translation, recently published by publishing house "Bakal" in Jerusalem.

Jeremiah Branover Beer-Sheva,
Tamuz 5734.


"Shulchan Aruch" - a set of laws, regulations, customs, pre-empting every step of Jewish life from the cradle to old age. It contains all the events, all the dates, Saturday, holidays, pure food laws and laws on matrimonial purity, honoring the rules of father and mother , hygiene of the body and the soul, integrity and honesty in relationships and compassion for animals.

Based on all of the words of the Torah - the written and oral, Shulchan Aruch available not only to scientists, but also the simplest to any Jew, little versed in the teachings.

The first "Shulchan Aruch" was created by Joseph ben Ephraim Caro-Imam, who lived in Spain, and then relocated to the Land of Israel, in the city of Safed. Four volumes of "Shulchan Aruch" came out in Venice between 5310 and 5319 (1550-1559, the non-Jewish chronology ) years from the creation of the world. Proceedings containing a codification of Jewish laws were created in the past, and among them the first place is owned by value, probably the famous work of Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (Maimonides) "Mishneh Torah" or "Poison Ahazaka" However, the book is still required to Maimonides from a reader of great learning.

The direct predecessor of Rabbi Joseph Caro was Rabbi Jacob ben Asher, who published the code "Arba Turim." Rabbi Joseph Caro's work was originally conceived as a comment on "Arba Turim," and was published under the title "Beth Yosef." Only later was released Shulchan Aruch.

Major motivated "Shulchan Aruch", detailing the sources was established Rabbi Shneur Zalman, founder of Chabad Chassidic teachings more than 150 years ago. Finally, in 5624, was published in Ungvar (Uzhgorod) "Kitsur Shulchan Aruch," the most concise, easy and compact code, written by Rabbi Shlomo Ganz-Freedom.

Pure, soulful life of Jewish communities in all corners of the world is in a course of many centuries as a materialization of prescriptions Halacha.

In our time, sweeping the suffocating smog materialism, vulgarity, permissiveness and lies can not be the best medicine for the soul, as immersion in clean, simple, and wise lines Shulchan Aruch. But it does not matter for the intelligentsia read, accompanied by a fleeting emotion and then flaunting in the salon conversation bits of knowledge gleaned. In these seemingly prosaic, without evil philosophising-nezavualirovannaya regulations, direct the will of Gd-circuit connects heaven to earth like lightning - a formidable, but the carrier here, down, light and refreshing smell of ozone. This is not just a recipe reasonable nepresyschayuschey neutomlyayuschey and healthy life. This is the code, not negotiable, eternal and unchanging. A Jew is given the freedom of choice, and he is free, entangled in the motivations of the animal began to neglect the Shulchan Aruch. Gd is patient, and the earth opens up immediately in front of an apostate. But outside the Shulchan Aruch no Jewish people, and no Jewish individual. It is not immediately obvious, but a retrospective of the centuries proves to us is irrefutable.

The study of the Shulchan Aruch - an absolute must for those who arrive in Israel today of the places where the Torah was banned for several decades. But the old Jewish proverb says that the study without action is fruitless, and the only one who anticipates the study fulfilling the commandments and find a way to faith, and to understand, and to the highest moral satisfaction to good deeds and justice.
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