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Land Under Feet

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" The ground under their feet" - essays about Jews mastered the land of Israel in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Book heroes - people who are able to turn a dream into reality two thousand years the Jewish people of his homeland. They often broke the habitual way of life, torn from the community in which grown up and moved by the call of my heart to the Land of Israel. " As the clouds driven by the wind , and as the doves returning to his pigeon loft " ( Yeshayahu , 60:8 ) , rushed back to where their ancestors were expelled . "The earth under my feet " - a word taken from the statements of the Zionist leader of the last century Ussishkin : " The people have as much of the sky above his head as he ground under their feet ." These words are formulated national task of the Jewish people has not changed since the exodus from Egypt to the present day : " And ye shall be my people, special , different from all the nations, for all the earth is mine . And I will be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation ... "



Chapter One
The name of this land. Living in the Age of Kings. Jerusalem - the "city of peace" .
Chapter Two
"The night of exile " for two thousand years. Return and hopes to return to the beginning of the nineteenth - century.
Chapter Three
Beginning of the nineteenth century. Christians - in support of the Jewish settlement. The legal status of other faiths in Muslim countries. British Consul James Finn . The U.S. consul -Michael Ward Cresson Boaz Israel .
Chapter Four
" Halutz " - going ahead.
New neighborhoods outside the walls of Jerusalem's Old City.
Mikveh Israel . They are gay . Petah Tikva .
The outcome of the Yemeni Jews.


Chapter Five
Pogroms in Russia 1881-82 years. Hibbat Zion society , redefining the goals and ideals. The base of Rishon Lezion . Biluytsy . The base Gadera .
Chapter Six
Settlers from Romania. The base of Rosh Pina and Zichron Yaakov . Iesud ha - Maala . Nes Ziona . Amazing Life of Michael Halperin .
Chapter Seven
Yehoshua Hankin . The base of Rehovot and Hadera . Victory and defeat : Hartuv , Bnei Yehuda , Ein Zeit University . Protecting settlements.
Chapter Eight
Eviction from Moscow and a new wave of refugees from Russia . The base of Metulla . Mahanaim . Seger . Russian peasant proselyte Abraham Kurakins .
Chapter Nine
Banking House of Rothschild . Baron Edmond de Rothschild and settlement of Eretz Yisrael. Sericulture , wine , perfume factory . Administration baron. The results of his work.
Chapter Ten
Jerusalem of the late nineteenth century. Way of life of the Jewish population. Construction of the railway Jaffa -Jerusalem . Jaffa - " the gates of Zion ."


Chapter Eleven
Theodor Herzl . His book " The Jewish State ." First Zionist Congress . Diplomatic activity. "The plan of Uganda ." The results of Herzl .
Chapter Twelve
Start of the second wave of repatriation. Aaron David Gordon and his "religion of labor." Create Dganiya , " mother kibbutz ." Exodus from Yemen . Mizrachi movement and Agudat Yisrael.
Chapter Thirteen
Defenseless Jewish settlements . Secret Society Bar -Giora . Security guard Seger and everyday life . Creating an organization Ha- Shomer . Protecting the settlements of Galilee and Judea.
Chapter Fourteen
Revolution " Young Turks " and relations with the Arab population . The base in Tel Aviv. Settlement and development of Eretz Yisrael before the First World War.


Chapter Fifteen
The beginning of World War II. Status of the population during the war. V.Zhabotinsky . I.Trumpeldor . Establishment of a Jewish detachment Mule .
Chapter Sixteen
Neely secret organization .
The struggle for the establishment of a Jewish Legion.
The situation in Eretz Yisrael at the end of the war.
The liberation of Jerusalem .
Participation of Jewish battalions in combat.
Chapter Seventeen
Chaim Weizmann and his activities during the war. The Balfour Declaration . Responses to it.
Chapter Eighteen
The situation in Eretz Israel after the war. Beginning of the third wave of repatriation. The formation of new states in Europe and the expectation of great change.


Eliezer Ben- Yehuda and the revival of the Hebrew language .

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