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Good Thing... Marriage?!

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"Marry! Will have a good wife - will be happy, will have bad - will become a philosopher. " The question prompted by the Jewish (and not only) maximalism: "How to be a happy philosopher?" And was the catalyst for writing this, that is not the academic benefits, of Jewish ways of solving the problems between her and him!


Part I. Who invented it ?
Introductory Chapter . The title question
Chapter One . As a joke
Chapter Two . against the axioms
Chapter Three . The Meaning of Life
Chapter Four . Certainty and certainty again

Part II. Love or Love ?
Chapter One . "The high disease"
Chapter Two . Things might be different
Chapter Three . " And what else ? "
Chapter Four . " Marriages are made in heaven ! " .. Chapter Five . Madness of the brave or " sorcery "
Almighty ?
Chapter Six . First date

Part III. Family peace and conflict
Chapter One . The theoretical basis
Chapter Two . " Against him, " also " to help "!
Chapter Three . A man and a woman
Chapter Four . "The crisis of the genre"
Chapter Five . Woman and time

Part IV. How to raise a child genius?
Chapter One . Definitions and certainty
Chapter Two . Educating yourself - the most "adult" of the
human occupations
Chapter Three . We come from childhood ?
Chapter Four . Teenager means " Jitters " , and the baby
- "I want ice cream , buy ice cream! "
Chapter Five . Walk greenhouse or field?

Part V. Modesty adorns the man?
Chapter One . Superhanzhestvo Judaism
or "Lama pile ?"
Chapter Two . That opens the mask ?
Chapter Three . Philosophical stuffing clothes
Chapter Four . Intimacy or " intemnost "?




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