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Good Thing... Marriage?!

Good Thing... Marriage?!

Magic Touch

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What is the hidden force draws us to the man, as we certainly know that he - not for us?
• How to gain confidence in what we do not experience the influence of negative forces, when we choose a spouse?
Where is the source of "psevdolyubvi effect", which is often misleading?
• Can lead to physical distancing emotional intimacy?
What is the difference between infatuation and love?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in the book lying in front of you.

Preface publisher

Our generation can be defined as the " generation of seekers ," people's desire to find the meaning of life and its meaningfulness almost physically palpable .

People want to understand what lies behind every phenomenon that is the driving force and the reason for the different events. The quest for finding the truth makes people special powers to help him overcome the difficulties and obstacles that stand in the way of the seeker .

People are willing to sacrifice a lot , and to adapt to different and often strange forms of life, sometimes move to the unknown , solely for the sake of hope that somewhere out there, beyond the horizon , waiting for the promise of happiness.

Today there is no shortage of information : it is transmitted every moment on thousands of channels , and anyone who wants to can find out about everything . But despite the obvious progress in knowledge and science, there are areas where there is a clear regression and degradation compared with the past. Take, for example, the notion of a Jewish family , no doubt , kept our people throughout their difficult history . After all, the family , according to popular belief , the key to the continued existence of any nation. But the irony is that this very important area of ​​our lives we have left , in a sense , the past, and she not only grows with global modernity , but , on the contrary , can be registered first in the list of victims of modernization and progress. Many of the concept of family has long lost its value and inner meaning.

It is therefore highly desirable to devote a little time and attention to thinking about the special life path that the ancestors have bequeathed to us , and they selflessly kept for generations . His results do not disappoint here for thousands of years.

We are pleased to offer you the original work , the fruit of labor known writer who clearly and fascinatingly discusses some grounds on which , from the outset a strong Jewish family . And let them ponder every person wishing to attain marital bliss .

We wish you a pleasant reading , and we hope that the book will be very useful to you .


Preface 8
Introduction 13
Supercement human relations 15
"Here it is - and it is not" 19
Extremely powerful love potion 23
Put her to the best 31
Wounds, scars and self-perpetuating prophecy 37 We women are from Venus and men ... Remind me again , how ? 43
In defense of ignorance of the fact that you lose 49

"But ..." 57
The risk of incompatibility ? 57
"Do not torment - do not learn ?" 64
And maybe after the engagement ? 67
Is it too much you require from us ? 69
Where is the romance ? 72

Great expectations 77
"But we 're just friends ... " 81
Are you worried about the other person ? 87
Show the way to 91
Epilogue 97
About the Author 100

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