Answers to Questions of Generation by Lubavitcher Rebe. 2 volumes

Answers to Questions of Generation by Lubavitcher Rebe. 2 volumes

Megillat Alter Rebbe. 19 Kislev

Megillat Alter Rebbe. 19 Kislev

Rebbe, Whom You Don't Know About

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You will find in this book answers some of your questions and appreciate the contribution of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to the revival of our people.


Leningrad in 1937. Yezhovshchina. My maternal grandfather, the Lubavitcher Hasid p. Yitzchok Raskin - Shoikhet and Mohel in Leningrad. In addition, he is responsible for the underground Jewish children Torah, Talmud and hasidutu.

A well-wisher who is likely not at will become an informant for the GPU, warned him that he was being watched, and he should get out of town and "dissolve" in the vast Soviet Union.

- How can I keep Jewish children without learning Torah, who will be circumcised in the city that will be a kosher slaughter poultry? - Was his answer. Despite the deadly p. Isaac remained in Leningrad.

Three months before the wedding my parents after midnight there was a knock at the door - came to arrest my grandfather. His last words, speaks to the wife and daughters were:

- Do not delay the wedding. Always remember who were your ancestors. Continue to live by the Torah.

One of those arrested my grandfather when he heard these words, struck him, and ordered to remain silent. He was taken away and no one else saw it. Many years later it became clear that after a short time it along with other Chabad rabbis and shot.

My paternal grandfather, p. Pepper Hain - Hereditary Chabadnik, whose great-grandfather was at the origin of the Lubavitcher movement.

After the punitive organs of the GPU and the notorious Evsektsiia were defeated numerous Jewish communities with their rabbis and synagogues, the only organized underground organization, where Passover could get matzah, kosher meat, meet minyan on Saturday and holidays, remained under the leadership of then Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe - Rayats.

It was here came "fragments" different hasidu¸t, Lithuanian direction and just Jews manager that did not want to break away from its roots.

At p. Peretz in the house on Saturday and holidays, going to a secret from the authorities minyan. On his recommendation could get matzah, buy kosher meat, etc.

Thus my life from early childhood is associated with Chabad and the Lubavitcher Rebbe. From the older we constantly hear how important it is to enforce the laws of the Torah, as it is necessary to keep the Sabbath and our holidays, use only the permitted kosher food, study Torah, as for all this, do not be afraid of persecution and harassment.

All of the above related to the name and the instructions of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. That was our childhood. Upon arrival in Israel, on Passover 1973, my wife and I were on a personal reception at the Rebbe.

When at the end of the last century began a great aliyah from the former Soviet Union, the Lubavitcher Rebbe urged every Jew to mobilize themselves for the material and spiritual aid arriving in the Holy Land.

I also among the thousands of Jews involved in this work. We started to organize lessons in Torah study, cognition of its laws and our traditions. In their conversations, I talked about the activities of the Rebbe and his Hasidim for "Iron Curtain" and around the world.

In 2005, I held talks on the weekly Torah portion were recorded and passed on some religious radio stations in Israel.

In 2006, I asked for the consent of the chief editor of "Kfar Chabad" Rabbi Halperin translated into Russian his stories about the Rebbe, who later also broadcast on these stations.

Some of the stories of Rabbi Halperin were subsequently published in Russian literature, but in my opinion, with the cuts that reduced their kind of "taste and aroma."

This book contains these and many other stories of the Rebbe in a more full. In addition, it has a lot of what I've heard from various people and events to which I had to be in person.

In this book I have tried, as far as I was able to more fully describe the image of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Clearly, this is a far cry from the kind of human and spiritual values it is actually. His love for the Jews and just to all the people knew no bounds.

An additional cause of the desire to release this book is related to the following. Some religious communities, which are engaged in the approach to the Torah, the Russian-speaking Jewish population, for some reason began to build on innuendo Chabad movement and standing in his chapter of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, that goes to the full cut to the instructions and requirements of our Torah.

I learned that because of this upset is not a connection between people, when during shiduha (familiarity with the aim of creating a Jewish family) party categorically stated that they will not have to hang a portrait of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Is not spit into the wind?

It is said that once, many years ago, one of the righteous Hasid Poland rode in the passenger phaeton. Someone from the audience began to condemn his rebbe. All this time Hasid was silent and did not mind. Accompanied his friend asked why he did not join the discussion and is not intended to place the offender? Hasid said that he was not talking about his rabbi and about someone else. If he knew it, we would not have heard these words.

It is possible that in this case it was possible to do likewise. Still, I decided to do a little differently. Engage in polemics with anyone I do not intend to, but to talk about the Lubavitcher Rebbe simply must.

In this book, I cite as opinions and statements of some prominent rabbis of the Lithuanian direction of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

In fact, the idea of publishing these stories belong to p. Chaim Makhlin that figuratively speaking "started all this mess" and is the mastermind behind the release of this book.

I want to express special thanks to p. Alexander Lebedev Sender, who took over the technical and other concerns for the production of this book. About this remarkable man and his family, on their arrival to the Torah, it is necessary to write a separate instructive and interesting book.

I want to thank the head of the institute "Mahon Hamesh" p. Bekermanu Abraham, who provided me with the necessary conditions for the work on this book and other things in Jewish Studies, which I hope to God she will be able to help to see the light, and p. Alexander Grishin explanation given for it.

About the Author:

Benzion R. Hein was born in Leningrad in 1939 Chabad family. Great-grandfather of his grandfather from his father p. Pepper Hein was still at the beginnings of Chabad in Russia. He had seen six generations of Chabad leaders from the founder of the movement to the Alter Rebbe Rebbe Rayats.

Maternal grandfather p. Yitzchok Raskin was Mohel and Shochet in Leningrad, for which in 1937 he was arrested and then shot.

His parents for what led religious life and a desire to go to Israel were sentenced to 10 years in the Komi Republic in 1950. He spent his childhood with his grandfather in Moscow.

In 1958 he moved to Samarkand where at that time was quite large Chabad community.

In 1971, together with his family to emigrate to Israel. He served in the Israeli army as a reservist for seventeen years. 35 years working at a major engineering company.

In 1990, due to the large aliyah from the former Soviet Union, the Lubavitcher Rebbe turned to Chabad take part in the More Information

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