Garden of Faith

Garden of Faith

Doctrine of rabi Nahman From Braslav. Fantastic Stories, Conversations

Doctrine of rabi Nahman From Braslav. Fantastic Stories, Conversations

Garden of Peace

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Practical guidance for a true man

In this book the reader will find practical guidance on how to achieve a real peace in the family, including set of histories, parables and the examples, written with simple and clear language for everyone to understand.

Rav Shalom Arusha - one of the most popular people in Israel. His classes , books, tapes know thousands of people . His books are best-sellers at once . They have been translated into many languages.

He came to me one man with a long list of what he does for his wife : every day it takes her time , asked what she needed , buy whatever she wants , and otherwise it spoils . It would seem that his wife should be the happiest of women. But despite his best efforts, there is no peace in the family : his wife eternally unhappy , sad all the time , complaining , irritable and empties into fits of rage. How can this be? To my great regret, this phenomenon is very familiar to me , and I immediately understood why he had no peace in the house ...

People who seek peace to the family , should be clearly understood that this is the most important thing in the world! Realizing this , and received instruction on how to achieve peace in the home, they will certainly succeed . But are still thinking that there are things more important , it will not work . And then do not help no books and lectures , no guidance and advice .

Warning , a promise and a blessing !

Among the rules of the family of the world , there is one principle that each spouse must assume that the world is in the house depends on him and only on him . Let them explore and executes the appropriate instruction to him , without engaging in part related to his or her spouse . Let no one think if they perform their duties, because otherwise he's always going to notice other people's shortcomings and make claims about anything that does not make the other party . This approach only leads to frustration , disputes and quarrels. And most importantly, it weakens the person and , most likely, is fraught with negligence in the performance of his part of the work to achieve peace in the family.

On the other hand, if you focus solely on his duties , comply with all as it should , without thinking , whether performed by the other,  that will help a lot . Such a person will find peace of mind and will not indulge in bad thoughts about your spouse , and will continue to respect and love him (her) . In addition, he will perform his part of obligation, which, of course , will help to establish peace in the family. Most likely, it will move the other spouse and to comply with its obligations. The main thing - Heaven will certainly help to bring peace in a home where at least one person is making this so hard . And even more so if both spouses understand what their responsibilities and try to fulfill them as follows in the family is sure to set the desired peace.

The book "The Garden of the World" is entirely devoted to the instructions for the men and a woman can not extract anything useful out of it for themselves, that is reading this book, it not only does not help, but even hurt, and because women are strictly forbidden to read it. Only fear to enter into grievous sin of those who have no sense of responsibility, does not allow me to subject to excommunication every woman who reads this book . But I hope that this warning and explanation enough , and no sensible woman who appreciates her life and that of his household , will not even try to look into it , so as not to cause the greatest damage to the world in his home. If only prays that her husband could follow the advice of this book , and she could not fulfill its part of the obligations they have received and true peace in the family.

And I bless every woman who would get will not look into this book, and I promise the power of the Holy Torah that it is rewarded with a genuine peace in the house , long life , happiness and prosperity, will see children and grandchildren who will be righteous , and will receive a lot of the joy of his offspring , amen !

With the blessing of the Torah ,
Shalom Arusha


1st day of the month

Chapter 1. Commandment
Remain celibate Holy Hermit Great Genius and the Pillar of Mercy

2nd day of the month
Repeating what you have learned the meaning of self-correction Purpose

Chapter 2. No comments
This is its first principle of dignity Pay attention! The woman - a mirror

3rd day of the month
Look closely and understand Your personal mirror magnifying mirror or illness Mirror Mirror of the Soul Mirror decent Why Sarah laughed? Sun and Moon Mouthpiece

4th day of the month
Notes weaken Notes do not help bullied Notes reproaches - proud Notes harm
Spitfire teaches Notes dangerous reproaches back to you yourself Explaining How did she change? The right way All the way around

5th day of the month
middle path

Chapter 3. First place
Cornerstone Excess Oxygen list for women Allocate time Beware! inattention
Storage deposits big benefit

6th day of the month
Square Problems with communication have opened the eyes of the sage To your husband desire shall How monkey compared with man Education merciful Father Big Savings

7th day of the month
Stepsons Fuel Career Not comparing Follow eyes How to enter the house Where is the boundary of honoring his wife?
And Torah Without nerves Hidden righteous

8th day of the month.
My and your - its important meeting listen to the teacher

Chapter 4. Being a man
Incorrigible case? man and woman he created them

9 th day of the month
Be a man! Lost

10th day of the month
Chapter 5. Honor his wife
Her beauty What are complaining about? ♦ «Do you have any clothes you have and we head» ♦ Honoring Who's the man?

11th day of the month
Perform their duties light, and do not blame
Read and be honored

Chapter 6. And their faces to each other
Good way ♦ Note: An additional difficulty or passion

12th day of the month
Love or hate copulation Commandment exit this Come hell Holiness World distal

13th day of the month
Main punishment Do not destroy Started
There is Hope

Chapter 7. House of Prayer
14th day of the month
This fix your In the next step If you work - everything will turn for the better Good End Peace at home is achieved by prayer

15th day of the month
Power hour Unexpected turn Repentance reduce the sentence to make him reinforcements - against him ... ♦ Each person has his own hour

Chapter 8. Path to family happiness
Paradise on earth

16th day of the month
Meaning instruction Perfect Science Torah creation
It is not good for the man to love mercy
Red carpet First of all - the poor of thy house
Acknowledgements Homework

17th day of the month
Exercise in gratitude About ingrate! despised benefit Almighty Creator Gratitude

Chapter 9. Value World
Blessing the world Source of all good

18th day of the month
above all from the world nobody Who is this King of glory The world is any wealth Mercy or cruelty? Peace to you, dear parents That's it ... ♦ And all her paths - the world Strive for the best

19th day of the month
The fundamental problem Truth comes out big gap No error limit Sacred Light Reduce the Torah can not be One way against another

20th day of the month
Sage eyes - in his head Getting life together
Garden of Eden

Chapter 10. Chief Exam
Peace at home - in the faith of his fate Pleased Get out of the house!
Listen hints I okay The only problem - a lack of faith

21 th day of the month
Bad advice New Beginning Wonderful Gift
Haste - from demons I blame Rehabilitation Program Divorce Source faith Proper instruction

22th day of the month
heart wounds Therefore remove anger from your heart End of contention or a beginning? True Solution Ignorance
Lust Who is to blame in a quarrel? spiritual crisis is not too late Looking forward Forgiveness Remove the lesson What will happen to the children?

23rd day of the month
life goes on

Chapter 11. Courageous man
Take responsibility Light Your problem of the female soul Jewellery bride Do not be petty Forget
money Come
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