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Garden of Faith

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Rav Shalom Arusha - one of the most popular people in Israel. His classes, books, tapes know thousands of people. His books are best-sellers at once. They have been translated into many languages. The book "The Garden of faith" teaches the most important thing that a person needs in the world - to pass through this world with dignity through faith in the Creator.

Our world is full of questions. What is the meaning of life? Where am I going? What's waiting for me at the end of the path? How should live your life? Will I ever happy? You can ask to infinity ...

"The Garden of Faith" gives simple and clear answers to the ancient as the world matters. Rabbi Shalom Arusha makes sublime writings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov - the greatest healer of souls - understandable and close the modern reader. The author offers a time-tested recipes, gives tips on how to survive in the most difficult situations.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition
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Chapter One. Basis of Faith
Mystery of life. - Why me? - "You remember it in the morning." - Answer all the questions. - The will of the Creator. - The beginning of faith. - Purpose. - A short visit. - Deposit. - Do not forget about the world to come.
- Death. - Passer. - Faith - it begs Islands. - The Power of Prayer. - Do not force the horse he wants.
- The Power of Faith. - Whom the Lord loves He chastens. - Thy rod and thy support. - Lack of communication. - The meaning of life. - Peace and quiet - The existence of the world. - The truth. - The Correct Way.
- The man in whom is the spirit. - An important caveat.

Chapter Two. Levels of Faith
1. Since God desires. - Faith before the mind.
- Hints. - Who holds the stick. - Freedom of choice. - Only your own choice - in your hands. - There is no blame game. - Can we help you? -Midway in the half. - I must not fall on a man's hand to me. - People or snakes. - Know before whom you stand. - Saying "I made a mistake" is full of pride. - Why or why not?
2. All the best. - Enforcement of the law, and not a particular righteousness. - "Everyone", not "almost all". - What is faith? - All is well. - Jew - and hilarious!
- New World. - There is One who knows everything. - You live captive. - True peace. - Selection begins with joy. - Joy in everyday life.
- Aspiration. - Hasid or employee? - Experience-tion driver. - Patience pays off. - Exempt mind. -Conclusion.
3. What God wants from me. - Why am I suffering? - The great danger. - There is no suffering without sin. - Fear of God. - Why is a misfortune. - Measure for Measure. - Examples of the Torah. -Thought, word and action. - You - the children of the Most High. - The respective assistant. - Blessing after washing hands. - The way of the wicked is successful. ~ Suffering from love. - The Middle Way. - A positive approach. - Hedges.

Chapter Three. Test of faith
Stop at the curb! - Talk to the Lord.
- Charity eliminates the penalty. - Redemption of sins. - Officers.
- The cruelty and mercy. - Honor and pride.
- Humiliation. - Is clothed with authority - is clothed by faith.
- Official. - Policeman. - Judge. - The Comptroller parking. - The prosecutor becomes the defender. - Release of prisoners. - Dancing and fun in prison. - "For whom the Lord loves He chastens." - "I will heal thee of thy plagues." - Professor of Anipolya. - Doctors pagans.
- Every minute is precious. - Mental health. -Earnings. - "In the sweat of your face." - Thou shalt not steal.
- Hope. - Anxiety and faith do not get along. - Trust in the Lord - is surrounded by His grace. - Debtor. - Business. - The circulation of money. - Your accountant. - An honest trader. - You get what you expected. - A thief steals from himself. - To all my time. - Trading in the faith.
- Select. - He who hurries time, time itself forces. - Gambling. - The player always loses. - The player is cruel to their households. - Winning at the expense of the suffering of others.
- Lottery tickets. - Difficult exam. - NAV-
ste or wealth. - Peace in the house - the main exam. - Marital happiness and faith. - Rejoice at his fate. - Get out of the house! - Listen to hints. - I'm all right. - The only problem - the lack of faith. - A bad adviser. - Start over. - Awesome gift.
- Hurry - from unclean. - I blame. -Rehabilitation Program. - Divorce. - The source of faith. - Proper instruction. - Heart wounds. - Cast out from the heart of anger. - End of disputes or the early stages. - The true solution. - Ignorance. -The desire for change. - Who is to blame for the brawl? -Spiritual crisis. - It is not late. - Look ahead. - Forgiveness. - Learning. - And what about the children? - Life goes on. - Education of children. - A personal example. - Education - is love. - Education in faith. - Abstain from the action. - Prayer. - The radical solution to the problem. - A bad influence. - Prayer, repentance and personal example. - A decent marriage. -Public life. - Hope. - Take care of my children. - Keep me safe on the roads. - Sitting in the heavens laughs. - Put your trust in the One and do not be afraid. - To live for the glory of the Lord. - Shoemaker Lejbele. - From sin is no commandment. -Between a rock and a hard place. - Let the dead, but do not transgress. - Pass through with faith. - I have to go! - Come up to the darkness. - Many exams. - Alternative suffering. - A loving son. - Pay attention. - The strength of a simple prayer. - Leave it.

Chapter Four. The path of repentance
Know thyself. - God helps. - What God wants from you. - Repentance - it's a joy. Twenty-four courts.
- Listen to hints. - The Lord is righteous and honest. - The great mercy of the Creator. -Go through life with a smile. - The Council. - How to repent? Each judge-san himself. - Principles of the court. - Levels of correction. - The beginning of the path. - Pray for prayer. - Secret of a good life.

Chapter Five. How to find faith?
The correct address. - Solitude. - Touchable faith.
- "Good Lord unto all." - Go to the Torah. -Learn to do. - Giving mercy.
- For more tips on gaining the faith. Creek. - "I must believe, when he spoke." - Court of Justice. - Why start over? - The study of the Torah. - Preservation of the covenant. - The Land of Israel. - "Cleave to Him." - Strengthen in faith. - To elect the Board of the "Book of qualities" of the section "Faith."

Chapter Six. Faith and the quality of human
Discouragement. - No defects. - Lack - an advantage. - Good idea. - One against the other. - Self-flagellation. - Why resent? - The strength of the growth and power of multiplication. - Resistance. - In spite of everything. - When I am counted with the patriarchs? - The fight against evil thoughts. - I do not understand anything. ~ Stay in joy. - Happy End. - Way of the righteous. - Good and bad. - Humility. - Anger. - In anger can be a variety of forms and degrees .. - Give us His wisdom, insight and intelligence. - Took pity on the soul. - An explanation of all the mysteries. - Correct calculation. - Peace with the Creator. - The Golden Rule. - Envy. - Living for the purpose. -Mind your own business. - Test of poverty.
- Test of wealth. - Lord decides. -All that does is - in all succeed. - Do not know. - True success. - Avarice. -Good husband. - Gravity separation. - Full content. - Creator rejoices your joy. -
Allowable costs. - The faithful servant. - It's mine! - Conclusion. - Learn the heart.

Chapter Seven. The greatness of faith
Why the soul comes into the world? - Nice to meet you! - In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread
- Obstacles. - Revelation. - Slowly but surely. - The search for light. - My soul thirsts for God
- The advantage of light over darkness. ~ Thanks to the obstacle increases desire. - The joy of life. - The war with Amalek. - Lift up your eyes. - Appointment of the Torah and the commandments. - The level of the person. - There's a great and small. - The item is called faith.

Brief information about the wise men mentioned in the book
Compliance with the names of the books of the Tanakh - Bible mentioned in the book

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