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Tomorrow Will Never Comes

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This book - the story of the tragic fate of the Jewish girl during the war survived the horrors of the Kovno ghetto, forced labor and the Nazi death camp Stutthof. Little Trudi narrowly escaped death in a crematorium furnace and survived only because of his courage, dedication, ingenuity, inexhaustible hope and love to the mother. The Nazis took away her house, childhood, an opportunity to learn. A child from a very prosperous Jewish family in an instant was behind barbed wire under gunpoint, she had to do the most menial work, which could only come up with her tormentors; from hunger and deprivation, she lost the opportunity to grow and develop, it took away his father and all the relatives. Any history of the death camp prisoner, escaped death, looks fantastic because the Nazis had no one left no chance monstrous killing machine worked flawlessly, and witnesses is almost gone. That's why book Trudi Birger, personally held all the circles of the Nazi hell, it is primarily an eyewitness memories of the tragedy of the Jewish people, crimes witness against him. This invective book, consisting of the true facts. And yet it is a book about the heroism of a little girl who saved herself and saved her mom about how inhumane conditions she managed to keep the spirit and human dignity. Of course, her luck, but luck only comes to a strong and motivated people.

Trudi Birger was born in Germany in Frankfurt in 1927. After the Nazis came to power her family is forced to flee Germany in the free city of Memel, now is the Lithuanian Klaipeda; in 1938 they moved to Kovno (now Kaunas). They happily as they thought, escaped deportation to Siberia by the Soviets and, after German troops in 1941 occupied the Baltic states, were in the Kovno ghetto. In 1944, after the liquidation of the ghetto, with his mother Trudy Shtuttgofsky put in a concentration camp, and from there to a labor camp under Torun and again in Stutthof. In the spring of 1945 in the Baltic Sea, the British intercepted the German court, which the Nazis tried to take prisoners. After the emancipation of labor with her husband and mother Ze'ev some time wandering through Germany, and then went to Palestine illegally. Trudi Birger now lives in Jerusalem and is actively involved in charitable activities.

Jeffrey M. Green, co Trudi Birger, who was born in New York, graduated from the Faculty of Philology at Princeton University and received his doctorate in philology at Harvard and moved with his wife to Israel. Since 1973 works as a translator. Besides engaged in literary translation (translated several novels by Aharon Appelfeld) writes prose.

Tomorrow never comes
Preface to the Russian edition
1. Together with her mother
2. From ice cellars to the bridge
3. Herded into ghettoes
4. From labor camp to the crematorium
5. From the camp hospital to the burning ship
6. Exemption
7. Normal life
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